Why are we in Iraq?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by WAKE-UP, Feb 17, 2007.

For who/what are we in Iraq?

  1. For oil

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  2. For Israel

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  3. For oil and Israel

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  4. To fight the Islamofascists and Al-Qaida

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  1. WAKE-UP


    Please vote.
  2. Ultimately to convert them to good bible believing christians. This war is just another saga in the thousands of years struggle between Christianity and Islam.
  3. iraq is the base launch for the pnac agenda to achieve hegemony in the middle east. that's why u are there. just the beginning.

    what better than to create the hoax of a perpetual invisible enemy that can be associated with any country to wipe out dictatorships and elected regimes alike.
  4. Oil.

    We need oil to drive to the mall. China needs oil for mfg. China will outbid us for oil supply.