Why are we going to Libya?

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  1. On our dime? and put Americans at risk for a EU/Libya issue.

    I thought we had to cut the deficit?

    Let the Italians and French and Spain deal with it, Libya is their trade partner and source of oil.
  2. Israel + oil (similar to Iraq)
  3. Israel + oil (similar to Iraq)
  4. I don't believe Israel has anything to do with it but oil and the preservation of oil infrastructure is the main reason followed by ensuring a transition to a reasonable democracy. The UK, France and Italy will most likely help enforce the no fly zone.
  5. Libya is full of Islamic terrorists.

    We need to declare war on Gadaffi and finish the Islamic terrorists off.

    Air strikes are the best method.

    God bless our American troops.
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    Let Libya figure it out. All they want is a no-fly zone and they'll get rid of the colonel themselves.
  7. Why should we be getting involved? We don't get any oil from Libya.

    Getting involved in regime change, civil wars and revolutions is a dangerous business. I would have thought our history of disasters in Iran, Iraq, South Vietnam, Afghanistan and countless other third world backwaters would have taught us the danger of sticking our noses in. Most of the time we end up replacing a dispicable tyrant with someone even worse.

    Our only interest is preventing al qaeda or someone worse taking over the country. By undermining the existing government, we make that more not less likely. Just as we did in Egypt.
  8. Why do we have to protect Israel?
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    It's going to be interesting to see the liberal take on this. I agree, STF away! We're already spending too much #@&^ money.

    If we had a successful history of instituting peaceful democracies and bringing arab/muslims into (say) the 18th century - yeah maybe there's an argument to be made.
  10. There are companies such as Chevron Libya Ltd and Exxon Mobil Libya to name two that have spent a lot of money in the last few years on oil infrastructure and exploitation nobody is going to let that investment go up in a puff of smoke.
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