Why are we borrowing even more to give Pakistan more aid?

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  1. Just more stick and carrot diplomacy. :mad:
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    Well, we could turn our backs and let the terrorists get Pakistan's nukes.
  3. Well, we could turn our backs and let the terrorists get Pakistan's nukes.
    +1. Forgot about that. Excellent reply.
  4. The aid is going to the pockets of terrorists.
  5. So what? We have problems of our own and a deficit. Saudi and the Arab countries have billions, why don't they help a brother out?

    Why do we have to help our enemies? Yet Republicans get upset when we offer unemployment to our own folks.
  6. What enemies?!

    Much, much cheaper (& less painful) to spend $100-200 mil in some disaster relief aid than to spend $1 trillion & years fighting with only thousands of dead soldiers to show for it. The return on disaster relief aid in terms of goodwill created is *priceless*.
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    I'm helping them with my own personal after-tax money because I think it is the right thing to do.

    I'd rather save a few children lifes than buy another fancy car, or purse, or house or whatever.

    And I will also be helping you and your friends in a few years when America will have become a third world country due to arrogant and egoist people like yourself.

    You are the ennemy of your country. Pakistan isn't.


  8. He'd rather give the money to a defense 'contractor' to build a few more rockets/missiles to kill 'the enemy' in Pakistan.

    Hey, is Vietnam still your 'enemy'? It seems the US navy has been cozying up to them lately. Look at how much that cost in lives/money!
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