why are traders ugly and fat?

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  1. seriously,walk into any trading firm in long island or NYC and just take a look at the guys trading. they are all out of shape and ugly,i'm not kidding. i think stress and poor diet are the two main culprits. before anyone bash's me,i don't mean to come across as shallow but damn,these guys look horrible. fat and bald who smoke and eat potato chips for lunch.
    i think its irresposible and shows a lack of discipline which is why most traders fail. just my 2 cents.
  2. What all of them????
  3. its a culture thing i think.

    most of these type of traders think they are 'deviant'

    come to a real trading floor. you'll see boys/gals dressed well. casually. who take pride in taking money from those deviants.

    for the howardstern fans
  4. Its not "in Long Island"...it is "on Long Island".

    Other that that you are pretty much spot on...lol
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    dress like a loser, feel like a loser, trade like a loser.

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  8. Most traders are fat because the best food is the most convenient food. The most convenient food is the worst for you.

    If traders would plan their meals out they would not only look and feel better but they would trade better.

    Chocolates, sweets, and adult beverages are not only calorie dense but they are also "feel good" foods. Be smart, instead of eating chocolate get chocamine (extract that makes you 'feel good' w/o the calories), sugar free jello (again, no calories), and instead of beer or martinis drink a glass of red wine.

    Oh and GET SOME EXERCISE. No body transformation is complete without additional exercise. You'd be surprised what 30-45minutes of fast-pace walking can do for you.
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    And yet the people at the top of the food chain, ultra successful CTAs and hedge fund managers and venture capitalists, are usually slender. Paul Tudor Jones, David Harding, Peter Lynch, Ken Fisher, John Doerr, John Bogle, David Swensen, Ken Griffin, John Paulson, ad infinitum.

  10. and the KING of them all--- steve cohen is ??

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