why are those companies are still in bussiness?

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  1. nestle ,is the first one ,i bought couple pizzas, buitoni it's called,on sale in safeway,very small for 8 $,2 different flaivours ,OMG this is a total crap,how you can eat that garbage is beyond me,on the other side nestle website state's :
    BUITONI, Quite Possibly The Best Pizza Ever!
    http://www.nestle.ca/en/products/brands/Buitoni/index and guess what? next day i got acne all over my body ,then i bought small jar of nutella ,same thing acne next day wich almost never happens to me because i cook mostly from scratch ,f.u.c.k you nestle! the second one ,moneygram ,they do quick money transfer all over the world,so i desided to try them ,went to canada post ,which just resently steal 2 tubes of silver maples leafs from me,even though i had tracking number,my girlfrend attending medical college back home ,so i sent her some money,so she went to one bank to get it,they refused,another one and so one,so next day i am trying to figure out what's going on,on reciept theres no phone number or anything at all,found their website ,and phone number calling them ,finally after couple hours got my turn with customer rep ,she asks me those questions :do i know the person who i am sending money to?,how long we know each other ? what the money going to be spent for ? and so on, i didn't want to listen further and told her those are personal questions and non of her bussiness ,i payed you transaction fee to send my MONEY to who ever i want to,instead my girlfriedn waisted all day trying to get money and i waisted half day trying to locate all those phone numers and waiting in line to get my turn ,f u c k you MONEYGRAM
  2. i did some research on nestle,this is unbelivable World Nutella Day is Feb. 5 each year.
    Nutella Canada, which is a sponsor of the Canadian Soccer Association, calls the spread, advocates eating a balanced breakfast on its website, but without directly saying the spread should be part of it.

    World Nutella Day is Feb. 5 each year.celebraye with your family eating that crap
  3. What? You got Acne from eating pizza and chocolate? I can't name one person in the world who ever got acne from eating pizza and/or chocolate. You should sue!

    (did you pick up on the sarcasm? I was laying it on pretty thick) :D :D
  4. i never eat frozen pizza ever. it's just nasty
  5. well,guess what ,for the last 7 days i was making pizza from scrach ,huge tray every night ,3 times bigger than nestle,still waiting for any acne