Why are they breaking up CPI & PPI

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  1. They use to report one day after the other. So why the 7 day gap in this time around CPI Wed 14th PPI next week 20th.
  2. don't want 2 back to back bad #'s? let the market stabalize first?
  3. It probably takes too much of their time at the BLS to substitute out all the bad inflation numbers in the CPI to put together the PPI right away.
  4. Too bad that's not funny.
  5. Here's a whopper from Bill Fleckenstein:

    "In fact, the U.S. counts food as only 8% of the index. Whereas, it counts for about 10% in the United Kingdom, about 15% in the rest of Europe and more than 18% in Japan."

    "Interestingly, if you look at the proportion of U.S. household spending on food, by income quintile, all but the top 20% of earners spend at least 20% of their paychecks on food. Thus the CPI weightings understate what is already an understated rate."
  6. different surveys, different dates. Happens a couple of times a year.
  7. Tomorrw should be a real crime, you know they are going to lie. In europe they are telling the truth, they reperted inflation today and it blew the cover off the ball.

    Why does the US have to lie? Everyone I see in the grocery stores complaines of the high prices. Everyone know its out of control. But the goverment acts like nothing is wrong, its just plain wrong.

    Old folks are really hurting. They earn nothing from savings, and have to pay higher food and energy prices. The fed is fucking up and shitting on the seniors. Thats wrong wrong wrong.
  8. inflation isn't going up since the pig that doubled in price now has lipstick. more bang for the buck.
  9. It's amazing how the market reacts to "bullshit, manipulated, everybody-knows-they're-lying", numbers!
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