Why are these Greekers rioting? Seriously do they think everything is free?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by zxd, May 4, 2010.

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    The government pays for everything and they don't want to be responsible for any of it, it doesn't make any logical sense, do they think they're entitled to their government spending money on them that their government doesn't have?

    How is it fair to the German people who has their tax monies now going to support these lazy Greekers?
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    well, i think they are pushing to see what they can get because its worked before
  3. i agree ,its the same attitude here in ireland with the overpaid public servants ( primary school teachers are earning 60,000 euro a year) expect the government to keep borrowing money to keep up their upmarket lifestyle . Greece now expects other eu member states to cough up money and work harder for these asssholes. The irony of it all is that ireland must give greece 1.6 billion so they must borrow this along with another 30 biillion. Expect ireland to default its loans by 2012!!!!
  4. I read somewhere that the Communist Party hung a banner that read "Send the bill to those who are responsible" or something to that effect. Who are they implying is responsible?
  5. Probably some a-holes in the past who wanted to get elected and covered-up how much debt the country was really in so they could stay in office and reward themselves.
  6. receiving help > seeking help

    sad but true facet of many people
  7. Greek civil servants aren't qualitatively different from the civil servants who are bankrupting CA, NJ, NY, IL & etc. They contribute votes and money to the big-government party, which in turn takes care of them at current and future taxpayers' expense. One hand washes the other. It's comfortable and profitable for both sides. Who'd want to change?
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    The Left in the US is winning by spending... we have $100 T in unfunded liabilities.. $1 million per taxpayer... that's why their response to everything is name calling and riots.. they are winning, they don't need to dialogue at all...
  9. err in Europe many thigns are free,

    you can basially have free healthcare and unemployment benefits wthout ever having had a job
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