Why are there so many Anti-Americans at ET?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by version77, Jan 3, 2007.

  1. I mean, I am glad you took the time to learn how to type English and all,
    but don't you have anything to do that is better besides bashing
    America from every angle you can think of? Aren't you ashamed?
    (You should be).

    Are you bored? Jealous? Envious? Plain mean spirited? Discontent?
    Full of resentment? Spite? Cowardice? Fear? Anger? Low IQ?
    Bitterness? Intolerant? Covetous? Desirous? What in the heck is it?

    Did something crawl up your butt and you can't get it back out?...:p

    Please explain why you are so Anti-American.
  2. wiki definition of version77:
    yes, all of the above describe the word v77 perfectly.
  3. Looks like Bit is getting quite upset I put him on my ignore list.

    He is stalking all of my posts like a good Anti-American would...:p

  4. fake ignore that is. pathetic tool u are.
  5. Anyone else want to identify themselves as Anti-American?

    Put your hands up and wave them in the air!

    Here is your chance! Be brave!...:p
  6. Hmm... looks like Bit replied again. I wonder what he is saying...

    I hope he isn't getting too mad. He gets really, really mad often...:p
  7. Funny you are the only one to respond to this thread.

    I wonder why? Maybe you are ANTI-AMERICAN?...:D
  8. nobody responds to your delusional attacks because they know u are a moron and a waste of a human being...i do because i enjoy beating the crap out of u since u are a fucking vermin that deserves punishment non-stop.

    now, shut up and swallow.
  9. That is like explaing why the sun rises in the west. It just ain't so. You are the one having delusions of anti-americanism.

    I can't speak for Bit, but my impression is that he, just like me, is not at all anti-american. It is very well possible that we understand your countries importance and value, and that we love it even more than you do.

    We are just very worried that the greatest nation of this world is becoming a controlled state in which freedom of speech and other basic human rights are squandered to give the powerful more power.
    And most shocking to us all is that this is happening with the full consent of about half the inhabitants. The other half seem to be asleep. All we say is: "Wake up, this has happened before".

    So, just to re-fire your short-term memory, we are not anti-american. It is your delusion to see every form of critcism as anti-american. In that sense you are a perfect personification of the facist way of thinking.

  10. What I have noticed , a s a Reg Republican, is my friends and I have a particular point of view about the defense of the country. Socially, I don't really care what anybody does, as long as it is not detrimental to the general populace. In other words, if you want to lip lock your butcher, have at it. But he'd better be 21.

    That being said, and me being totally disgusted with politicians of any ilk, I have noticed that liberals are more likely to jump scream and shout. They shouted me down in the parking lot during the last election. There are always democratic signs 5:1 over Republicans. It just SEEMS to be what you perceive to be Anti Americans. And if the Republicans hadn't been total fuck ups, they would still have the majority in both Houses. The majority of people lean to the right of center, albeit not much.

    What I would like to see, is, if Bruce Springsteen would like to run his mouth and tell his fans wuz up, "Bruce, give us your qualifications. What did you do that allows you to be political spokesman for all?"

    "Well, I was a lousy student, so I dropped out at 16, shacked up w/ a groupie and hit the road with my band. Did a lot of drugs, had some hits, and walla!"

    Anti American is pretty harsh. Misdirected maybe, by your way of thinking?
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