Why Are There Practically Zero Prop Firms That Allow You To Trade International Stock

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by WhiteOut56, Jan 17, 2013.

  1. markets.

    I actually got a hold of one firm that would allow me to trade brazil, however they wanted freakin $250,000 deposit. Of course locked up for one year. The jackass on the phone said it so casually, like "oh man we got your approved, just a simple 250k needed.

    anyone know anyone else or any firm that might be interested

    I can make $$$$. I have a track record. I'm very consistent
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    I bet I know which firm that was...
  3. Bob111


    what international stocks are you talking about? US is dying,Europe is dead long time ago..what else is left? what's there to trade? what about currency risks? imo(and i'm no way expert in this)-you have to understand few things-market micro structure,volume and country economy structure. US is all private capital. you can invest\trade everything you see and use in your everyday life.show me any other country like that. why you need prop firm? you can do this with IB.
    take your pick-

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    With all due respect,White5, sounds like they have a good reason;
    do you know how to cut a loss?????:cool: