Why are the people in london weak?

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  1. It seems the Turks are protecting their neighborhoods, the sikh as well and other groups.

    but the native anglo londoner seem weak and unwilling to fight the looters or work together to protect neighborhoods.


    Unlike many high streets in the capital, where businesses brought down the shutters in the early afternoon to minimise the risk of looting, many of the the restaurants and shops in Dalston were defiantly open.

    Although Dalston appears to have stood alone in its resistance to the gangs on Monday, there were reports that other districts had on Tuesday begun following the Turks' lead.


    The caution comes after hundreds of residents in Southall, Enfield, Hackney and Eltham patrolled their areas.

    On Tuesday night Sikh men in Southall, many with hockey sticks, stood guard outside a Sikh and a Hindu temple and a mosque following Monday's disorder.
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    Looking at some of the photos I see why they aren't using weapons etc. It isn't just black people, in the photos you can see that it is everyone and they aren't rioting, its just a festival of looting. Nobody is going to shoot a teenager over a pair of tennis shoes. What is happening is actually very similar to the LA riots which weren't riots at all.
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    Clearly what started as a protest over a social injustice, as some view it, has escalated into the mob psychology category. Still, it mostly takes a simmering pot to get these things going.
  4. You're right that it is a festival of looting, but I disagree about shooting a teenager over tennis shoes. A riot is a symbol of a total abdication of governmental responsibility. The fact that this is more looting than riot makes it even worse.

    How exactly are you going to stop this looting if you aren't going to use force? Just wait until every store and home is cleaned out?

    And just wait. There will be bitter protests when the stores refuse to reopen in certain areas.
  5. LOL@ "social injustice". Seems that you get a lot of this "social injustice" wherever there are droves of 3rd world people. LMAO!

    For "whatever reason" the book stores in London mostly seem to be fine, the looters aren't interested in getting them. I guess bookstore owners didn't inflict any of this "social injustice"? :D

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    I think I'm with AAA on this one.
  8. you are all racist . its very obvious.

    now what ya gonna do about it?
  9. How are we, and particularly I, racist?

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