Why are the futures selling off right now?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by bonds, May 11, 2010.

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    Is there news I dont know about?
  2. don't see any. Looks like continuation from weak close. VIX , Gold, Euro have traders on edge.
  3. Yeah..... The UK is the problem. And it's big. Unfortunately someone had to tell me the same thing as I'm not smart enough to figure its out either :)
  4. The intermediate term trend is down. The short term trend which had been up for the past couple of days switched to a downtrend starting around 1:45 pm this afternoon. The fulcrumtrader chatroom was selling the 1160s and up and one can expect continued weakness going into tomorrow and probably at least the next couple of days....until the short term downtrend switches back to an uptrend.
  5. Disney's outlook.
  6. . Lol. The long term trend is down. But the long long long term trend is up. Long long long long long term trend just shifted up about a half decade ago. Imo based on this we gap up tomorrow
  7. Gold, bitches! :)
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  9. No man, long long long term trend is down. California will default, then the US will default - unless China bails US out.
  10. Lol as suckers are asking why are the futures down i bought and just sold for 6 clean pts. can't lose buying every big quick dip. even if you bought early on thursdays big down day you still killed it.
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