Why Are The French So Anti????

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    Yeah and don't forget Saddam didn't say destroy the Kurds he said " Do away with the TURDS" . He always sounds garbled because like the French he is always inebriated. Also don't forget those arabs flying the planes well " damn Americans should not have built see through buildings !
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  2. they why dont the french use this supposed wisdom, all i see them doing is making the same mistakes they made pre WW2.. problem with french and other countries liek canada, they dont have much to offer i.e. in the way of their own ploicy, so their identity is being anti USA....a lot of europe's own politics and policies are derived liek this....lets see what the US is doing, then we will either get on board or criticize it...
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  3. hilarious...im definitely doubling my jesus position and selling more saddam

    why do so many stick up for this a-hole saddam, i commend bush for having the courage to take this guy out...
    i am buying the saddam futures june contract!!! he is going DOWN
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  5. WILD is back!.....
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  6. Stop talking about french as if there were a single man. It's not the french people who said this or that it's the medias. It's the same thing in France when we can read the americans are like this or like that. They just want to divide people. Governements are not people. But people behave like sheeps in stock market so why would they behave differently in politics huh ?!!! So be contrarian a bit !

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  7. "Stop talking about french as if there were a single man. "

    My thoughts exactly...treat them like a bunch of school girls...it would be very hard to find a man in France....unless, as you keep referring to , you go to the sheep herds......France: Where the men are men and the sheep are scared:D
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  8. How should we talk about a country who likes to mess things up just because they like like to mess things up?

    I guess its what they do best! so well good for them!!
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    The fact that people support Sodom (pun) on this board and in UN and the world just leaves me in a state of shock. It makes me conclude that there really is a force of evil battling good in the world. Nothing else could blind peoples intellect so powerfully.

    What the hell is wrong with the U.S. not wanting madmen to have WMD. (If you do not like the status quo do it thorugh legal means, but please do not pretend like Sodom needs to be protected)

    Does anyone believe that Sodom or Osama are righteous people who should be allowed to roam the world with WMD? If you support that than you must support chaos and probably evil.

    Tell me what I am missing.
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  10. Tell me what I am missing.

    It's all about getting George Bush...The Liberals want him so bad they can taste it, unfortunately, he doesn't play their games and he often times destroys them at their own game....Unlike previous administrations (both republican and democrat) GW says something and means it....Another thing to consider is this...The Democrats INSISTED that GW HAD to get their approval, despite the fact that Clinton unloaded a cruise missile attack on this same country because " we must wipe out his WMD and Nuclear capabilities and we would like to see a regime change".....So Bush got approval ( and in the process cost the Democrats the elections...so they INSISTED he had to go to the UN....SO he did and he got a resolution.....and now they want another resolution...But I will offer this: What if the Congress and senate gave this President the full support and backing he needed from the begining? They weakened him when he went to the UN and I firmly believe that If COngress had backed him strongly, the UN also wold have and probably so would have France and Germany....If everyone was untied against Iraq....there would be no war because he probably would have shut it down, but he sees france , Germany and our liberal left as his opening.....he knows what he's doing....allow some inspections, cat and mouse and in the end, hopefully we'll go away and he keeps his weapons....the problem for him is Bush...He sees through him and his games and love him or hate him GW is a very determined man on things he believes in...like tax breaks:)
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