Why Are The French So Anti????

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  1. Powell is a lying crock of shit. You and your islamic terrorist theories. You think some cave men can threaten the world?

    Right...I agree....I for one believe Saddam Huseein's word over Powell....Look at their record and It's obvious that Hussein is more trustworthy, honest and forthright in his dealings with the world...Powell can't be trusted, Hussein can.

    And I agree with you that some islamic terrorist cavemen could not threaten the world...I mean 9-11 was not islamic terrorist cavemen, it was in fact , the Hawaiian tropic swim team... they are the ones who flew planes into the world financial center and caused death and destruction...

    Thanks for your thoughts
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    Short both.
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  3. Hey TM DIRECT, there's always two sides to a story. I guarantee there were other forces at work on 9/11. Don't be so naive to believe everything you see on "CNN" or some other puppet show. aight? Did you just see Powell address the nation with his bogus audio tape? You've got to be kidding me.
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  4. yeah, dude, you're right; it was fake. wake up..

    i believe iraq is already calling it "special effects."
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  5. Someone should just explain to the Germans that the Iraqi's are Semites also....
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    The French and Germans both are suckups to the other team (China/Russia/N. Korea, et al.). Lets not confuse reality with appearances. What do you expect the other team to say when one of their buddies is going to get bumped? It's obvious the true characters are coming out of each Country. It's time for the US to leave the U.N. and not worry about what our enemies opinions are. :D :confused: :mad: :( :)
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  7. 1. They are the largest repository of european anti-american resentment.
    2. Large muslim population.
    3. French and Germans view themselves as leaders of new europe and their image depends on standing up to US.
    4. Socialist French and German pol's view Bush as typical American cowboy.
    5. France is far less powerful than its image and can only have an impact on world affairs through multinational organizations like the UN.
    6. French national character seems to involve being a pain in the ass. Remember how difficult de Gaul was?
    7. French companies stand to lose big contracts in Iraq if Saddam goes. Ditto Germans.
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  8. Powell is a lying crock of shit. You and your islamic terrorist theories. You think some cave men can threaten the world?

    Im agreeing with you, don't be so angry...you may break out again ok son? You made the statement that Islamic terrorist couldn't threaten the world...I was just pointing out that they took out he stock market by flying into some towers...unless of course you believe my hypotheses that it was indeed the Hawaiian swim suit team....i believe they were ties to s. east asia terror groups who wanted to make sure that there cause was heard...so they sent some foxy greased up chicks on the plane and because they were scantily clad, they weren't searched....they actually had box cutters in their g-strings....think about it, sept. 11th was an Indian Summer day...it was in the 70's so it was perfect weather to wear a bikini....Im actually behind their cause.
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  9. Don't be so naive to believe everything you see on "CNN" or some other puppet show. aight?

    I agree, I was shocked when CNN reported that Saddam was re-elected with ONLY 99% of the vote......Considering he was the only person on the ballot, I believe that CNN was shortchanging him of some votes....And I for one do belive Saddam...Why would he deceive? He has nothing to gain from it...He just want sto love and be loved...is that so wrong? He would never harm us or his neighbors....Saddam is a beautiful man on the inside and the only reason he produced Vx gas and Anthrax was because they had a roach problem at one point....But powell, He's onlythe highest ranking African American in US military history....he's a lying sack of shit like you said...Good point son. Now go eat some clearisal and get back to class.:D
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  10. Divide and conquer ! This is a basic stratagem. Did you forget it ? Mass psychology is the same on every continent so globally people are equally intelligent or stupid (just choose the option :D ) and people are incited to make war to each others by muppets governement because our politicians do not decide any more for us but are chosen by the super elite. Did you ever hear of the Bilderberg group ? Hahaha I see some of you coming to say: it's a scam it never existed. Yeah since 1997 Bilderberg decided to reveal its existence through Reuters. It is a sign of power since they won't do it if they had any doubt of success. They exist since 1954 and was created by prince Bernard an european who was a pro-Nazi and it was the idea of an american. the highest politician of each country has to be submitted to their meeting. Clinton, Reagan, Blair etc... They said in a report of 1974 that there were too much democracy (this report can even be ordered on their other organism trilateral site) and that politicians must quit and let them rule through Multinational. So politicians will (in fact are perharps already) only be muppets.
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