Why Are The French So Anti????

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  2. yeah, we ARE trying to be diplomatic, unlike anyone else, what gets me is who else in the world takes their issues to the UN, i.e did russia take their chechnya issue to the un, not they just went in, and they have the balls to to veto us? they wont

    bottom line, allies dont always have to agree, but under cold war when the french, germans, etc.. were scared to death it wsa convenient and wise of them to agree with us on everything...we can disagree on this issue and that will be fine....they are only "middle-weights" and its their pergoative to disagree if its not in their interest, but its not liek we will fight europe

    and the UN, its nice to have the approval, and its a good forum for diplomatic dialogue, but it starts and ends their, the UN does not run the world remember! and at times they can be quite detrimental, remeber league of nations?
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  3. cool game though, i like the 3 sadams you get to pick
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  4. hilarious
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  5. good piece from the NYT...from bluehorseshoe

    btw...one more reason the euro-whimps dont want us to go to war is they will have to see again how powerful we are, as a matter of fact, 10x as powerful as gulf war 1, and then we become even MORE powerful and they become EVEN more weaker...if they stop us, suddenly they gain stregnth....europe is scared of us and how powerful we are, they dont want to see it, or see us become more powerful when we mop up sadam.
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  6. MSFE "- chocolate made in Switzerland and Anthrax made in USA"

    NOT TRUE Msfe and if you keep this up you we might revoke your neutrality.
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