Why Are The French So Anti????

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  1. why are teh french throwing a fit???

    they should just come out and say " we have too many islamic militants lving in our borders and we are scared shitless"

    stop whining about more time!!

    oh and who did not expect the french to say this?

    3 reasons please

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  3. 1. Chit Chat, set another place
    2. Islamic does not necessarily mean militant, despite Jihad doctrines
    3. France and Germany know what world wars are really about, and have gained some wisdom from their hard experience
  4. 3. France and Germany know what world wars are really about, and have gained some wisdom from their hard experience

    Yeah, like how to be cowards and gas and murder innocent jews...the question is, whose worse, the germans for committing the atrocities or the French cowards for turning them over???

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  6. France is diverse. They will howl often for their salary or human rights at thousand of kilometers from them but not for dictature inside their own country. There are more sheeps there than in any other country since there has been a writer who has been threat to assassination by a former socialist president (the writer was also socialist but he wanted to alert people that the president was not socialist at all but is from right wing), dozens of editors threatened of Control by Internal Revenue if ever they publish his book, inquiry from french parliament showing the link between this false socialist president and Right Wings that prove the fact, and finally the writer was found dead near his bicycle but before that he has warned that he was threatened to death again and no journalists tell it to the public. Only some book from himself and intelligence service people which has denounced that. And there is also the problem of Socialist owing Arabia 1000 Billion francs of loan so it seems that BCCI tried to corrupt politicians in US but also in France.
  7. well said HARRY.....What is it you actually just said anyway?
    Im totally lost....ok back to wok for me.
  8. Powell is a lying crock of shit. You and your islamic terrorist theories. You think some cave men can threaten the world? Please, its bush and his oil plans. his dad did it. its his turn now. I miss those clinton years.
  9. As Jesus told you before while you tempted Him and failed, "Thou shalt not test the Lord God."

    An excellent rule to 'live' by.
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    long Jesus, short Hussein
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