Why are the Dutch so tall? BBC News

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  2. The video doesn't really provide an answer to the question, does it? Only some guesses.
  3. The same reason Pacific Islanders...Hawaiians and Samoans, are built like boulderous, thick Mountains. o_O

    Humans adapt to their environment and surroundings over time on a granular, cellular, atomized level.
    Asians, Africans, Canadians, etc etc etc all have their unique traits from their origins.
    Dinosaurs, pineapples, monkeys.
    The Civilization and existence of Man is only a measley 200,000 years old. Dinosaurs have existed for 200 Million years.

    It's amazing what time can accomplish.
    They say the Big Bang, 14 billion years ago, initially started as a size of an atom...now the universe is basically infinite,
    Just to reach the observable end of it will take you like 82 billion Light Years,

    But more importantly, it's 2018...Time to become a Big Time Millionaire.
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