Why are teenagers a menace to society?

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    ''Why are youth in Britain engaged in crime and violence?'' The answer lies in various sociological factors the root of which is the family

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    The author of this article is absolutely right. In order to save our society from destruction, I believe that only very harsh and controversial solutions will be able to bring us back to reality,revive the defect moral compass that is so widespread among our people, and establish a state free of Zionist influences.

    Whether the solution should be an Islamic Caliphate as the author suggests is certainly open for debate. However, at this point in time, I would gladly accept any solution that could bring back even a portion of the sereneness and austerity that once where valid definitions of the west.
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    Zionist..... LOL

    The world's leadership nowadays are more likely satanists that love to blame the Jews.

  4. Thats retarded.
    The 'ol wild west had some of the most repressive , auster "serene" laws going for young'uns, yet was basically a free for all.

    19th century europe was a seething, fetid mass of crime, extreme punishments, appalling child labour exploitation, the most subhuman, backward mental health and addiction treatments, and truly ignorant, counterproductive social policies on so many fronts, the only possible way it might have been somehow serene, is because these young kids were DEAD by the time they might be old enough to turn to crime or become disfunctional.

    And if they did, they would be deported, locked up or otherwise killed-largely as a result of the POVERTY (re austerity), brought about directly by deliberately bad policy.
    There was never any time, where you could POSSIBLY claim your definitions are "valid".
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    ever watch "the dog whisperer" ?


    Kids need to know that they are no more valuable than dirt .... that's ultimately what they become, after-all
  6. Yes, because we all know that Middle Easterners aren't violent...

    If violent media causes violence why is it that only a small fraction of people are violent?

    Teen violence comes from media glorification (to a degree) but more so this BS that kids think they need to be macho. Poor people have nothing to cling to except their egos which explains why they are the worst offenders.

    Middle class families have no excuse for their kids being stupid except that they have been more influenced by the scum at the bottom then the good people at the middle and top.
  7. Here are some peaceful Muslim youths. Must be that solid family structure they have.
  8. "Poor people have nothing to cling to except their egos which explains why they are the worst offenders.

    Attention -I belong only when I am noticed.
    Power - I belong only when I am in control
    Revenge - I belong only by hurting others as I feel hurt
    Inadequacy- I am unable, I am helpless

    Re; picture
    Don't these people have jobs, they are always out carrying signs and throwing rocks.
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    Violence towards occupiers is the only understandable form of violence.

    Relatively speaking its's still a small percentage, but crime rates are growing. 38 per cent of 15-year-old Brits had tried cannabis --- That's a huge amount, and a big portion of those kids are willing to commit bigger crimes.

    The poorest of today were the richest of 100 years ago. Yet, crime hasn't plummeted, despite the increase in wealth.

    If we look at the upper class role models. We can constate that most of them fit the basic defininition of "scum". Actors, celebrities, rap singers, are the groups I am referring to. Ask the avarage teenage girl for her "big example" and she will propably answer "Paris Hilton" or another upperclass lowlife. Ask the avarage teenage boy the same question and granted his response will be "2Pac" or similair types. Now, is this the group that's going to be "the next generation"? Combine the retardness of the youth with massive immigration,outsourcing, illegal wars, Governement hijacked by trotskyite Zionists - and you have the perfect recipe for the decline&collapse of the USA. The US is undoubtably going to become a third world nation within 50 years.

  10. ==============
    Average teen maybe ;
    probably ,most certainly perhaps is more illiterate on average, than teen of last generation.

    And yet average teen in synagog or bible believing church;
    is much much much better than average, especially those home schooled:cool:

    Ever thought about the power of 1[one]?????????????
    One[1] tteen boy took out one king size terrorist.

    Remember when the battle theater changed in Israel ,when that hebrew teen said ''Who is that uncircumcised philistine,'' then rocked him dead with his slingshot/longshot:D :cool:
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