Why are soldier's bodies now being sent back home in Federal Express cargo planes?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by mahram, Dec 5, 2006.

Did you know american soldiers coffin being sent back on FED ex planes

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  1. Just wondering, soldiers bodies are now routinely sent back home in federal express cargo planes. With no honour guard. What is the american governmetn afraid of? IM surprise in the recruitment center, they didnt tell them this is how they will be treated. Go america!
  2. Seriously, you should write these posts out, and wait an hour before you send them. Take another look at it and ask yourself, "does this post provide any kind of intelligent discourse"?

    I know you hate America and want to bad mouth it as often as possible, but do you want to sound like a moron when you do it? I would also suggest that you try to focus on some bigger issues. Nobody takes you seriously because you come up with the most asinine observations and throw 2 or 3 of them up at a time.
  3. As I've been saying all along, only a complete idiot would think that mahram is not a complete idiot.
  4. Maybe the US Govt. signed an IDIQ contract with FedEX to provide these services... It is indeed sad if it is true.
  5. Hey drmarkan, it's a true observation. Prove me wrong. I know you love president bush and a war that has killed 100's of thousands of iraqis, and send home troops in fedex planes. dont blame me. The truth stinks. Drmarkan prove me wrong. Instead of bad mouthing me, give me a good reason why bodies of US soldiers are being sent home in FEDEX cargo planes. Is there any reason. And this is not a new story, its pretty old. :D Your country should be ashamed of yourselves. You claim tobe avenging 911, but you killed houndreads of thousands of iraqis, destroyed a nation. And you cant come to terms with it.

  6. they also transported them on passenger planes. they are packed in with the baggage and oversized carryons.
  7. This has been deemed to be so by Allah. He is the power.

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  8. I'm not disputing whether it is true or not. Let me ask you this though, if you were a parent would you rather they leave your son or daughter's body over there or get it back to you as soon as possible? In the article you posted, parents were upset about not getting personal belongings in a timely fashion. How do you think they are going to feel about their child's body? Again, you have chosen an article where they scraped up 1 family who complained about their son being shipped over on a cargo plane. Nobody is trying to dishonor Mrs. Eisenhauer's son. She admits she is anti-war, which to me says that nothing can be done to console her anyways. I don't blame her. If I was against the war and had a child that died over there, I am pretty sure that they could not do anything to console me either.

    The point I am making in my previous post is that you choose to nitpick details that are minute compared to the bigger picture. It seems childish at the very least, and diminishes your ability to be taken seriously by anyone that actually comes across your opinion. Of course, I don't know if this will sink in, but maybe it will. To top it off, you need to work on your spelling. You could just type your thoughts out on Word and let it spell check and then paste it. Houndreads is really hundreds.