Why are Russians degenerate drunks?

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  1. It seems from lots of reports that Russian men go on benders that could last days, end up drinking on a daily basis and lots of children are born with defects from the poor quality of man and women in that country.

    The few Women that do not drink are desperate to get out to find normal men.

    So why is this such a big problem in Russia?
  2. Why is it a problem?
  3. would you feel any better if they were all born again drunks :D

    praise da lord and pass the WODKA!
  4. Because they have no legitimate "hope" of better days.

    Unlike soviet russia, if you worked forever, maybe, your kids could get a job in the same industrial plant.

    Now, it's-no different, unless you know an oligarch personally, and are lucky.

    BTW, I dont mind a drink, so any Russian women available-I'm all ears. Or Cambodian. Or Uzbeck. Or Romanian. Or Phillipino.
    Or Ukrainian. Or....well, I guess I'm not to fussy, actually.
  5. All countries have their own version of craps.
  6. TraDaToR


    I have been in St Petersburg in 2008 and I was quite shocked to see the number of people drinking in the street. All king size beers, gin or vodka tonic in cans.

    I suspect it has to do with the cold, the reduced day time and a generally "sad" country, people and architecture. Not ot say there aren't some beautiful things but the general atmosfear is sad.
  7. A russian life is very sad, for most people. Vodka is cheap, offers a temporary escape, and is addictive. Repair men (or construction workers, etc) who are paid in cash vanish for days after being paid and only show up when they run out of money.

    Many men (especially in the regions) are unemployed, unhappy and feel irrelevant.