Why are republicans doing this?

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  1. http://autos.yahoo.com/blogs/motora...law-blocking-tesla-sales-north-194223800.html

    Am I missing something or is this hypocrisy on the part of NC politicians?

    "the state Senate unanimously passed a bill Monday night that would block Tesla's plan for selling its cars directly to consumers — forcing it to either steer clear of the entire state or use a franchised auto dealer like all other automakers.

    The Republican-sponsored bill, which has the backing of the North Carolina Auto Dealers Association, mirrors fights in several other states by dealers who worry about the precedent set by Tesla..."

    So if I want to buy a product directly from the manufacturer... we have the purported free market republicans saying I can't? WTF?
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    North Carolina Auto Dealers Association
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    They stand for the free market so long as it does not entail real competition and the chance of lost profits. Because they are actually the One Percenter's Party, and those folks do not want to start working for a living.
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    And how much profit will the republicans in this state loose if Tesla doesn't use dealerships?
  5. Republicans who deviate from their principles aren't real Republicans.
    Everyone's a hypocrite in some form or another. The Democrats are the biggest hypocrites.
    Let Tesla do what they want. Let them sink on their own.
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    dang, I try and try... it's "lose", not "loose".. Oh, why do I bother, it's so futile... anyhow, I'd rather buy a car from Amazon than go get screwed with by some car dealer.
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    Tom B

    The State Senate vote was unanimous. Both republicans and democrats voted for the bill. Tesla is targeting high income people. The base price is almost $70K.
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    please Google "Tesla lawsuit dealers" to read about this throughout the country. it is not a Republican only thing as OP naively believes.
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    My bad, even worse. I know the difference.
  10. You are traders here on elite trader. Will you be angry if the law tell you no trading for you alone, you must have the broker?
    You will be so angry.
    So why is Tesla can not sell on the internet with no dealer?
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