Why are republicans all of the sudden fiscal conservatives?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by KINGOFSHORTS, Jul 27, 2011.

  1. During the bush area holy shit did spending increase, not one republicans made one peep about cutting spending. You even got medicare part d during his tenure.

    So why all the last minute rush to cut?
  2. They turn into fiscal conservatives when a democrat is president.When republicans are presidents they double and quadruple the national debt and leave trillion dollar deficits
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    They are full of it?

    Why were democrats crying to end these illegal wars for years, and now silence?

    Gentleman are we being had?

  4. By 2006, Bush lost the support of Conservatives because of the spending. The Conservatives did not show up to vote and Pelousi took over, then the real spending began( and the recession).
  5. It's at the very core of the flawed "two party system". The whole good cop / bad cop routine sustains this travesty.
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    That and the brain dead voters who can't see it.
  7. Obama is a conservative too, just like FDR.

    The MSM says it's true, it's true!!

    There is no conservative party in the USA. There is a leftist party and a slightly less leftist party.

    Why do you think there is so much angst against the Tea Party from both sides of the aisle?