Why are people so willing to capitulate to the terrorists?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Burtakus, Jun 3, 2004.

  1. Do they just not realize that by giving them (terrorists) what they want may be easier in the short term but far more damaging in the long run?

    Are people in general really that short sighted or have they just lost their spine?
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    quite obviously neither the Afghans nor the Iraqis are willing to capitulate to the American & British terrorists nor are they giving them what they want ... let alone that they lost their spine.
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    Good question, Burtakus!

    Here's the deal with terrorists, terrorism, extremists, etc....

    It's like an over-rated Hollywood movie that, in reality, should have never been made because the plot, characters and actors are really stupid.

    People have a guilty conscience, therefore they tend to pick out something in life to torment themselves with. Terrorism and ridding the world of "Evil" is merely another psychosis.

    On a daily basis MUCH MORE people die of old age, cigarette smoking-induced cancers, maladies and other illnesses, auto collisions, gang-related drive-by shootings, unsolved murders, alcohol-related deaths, etc., than all the terrorists in the world could kill in a 100 years!

    This current terrorism culture we live in is an insane mania produced by the Bush administration to get our attention off more important things namely that Bush should be impeached for doing a rotten job as an elected official.

    The Coin
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    If the Americans and British are terrorists, then Afghanistan and Iraq would have already ceased to exist.:)
  5. In afganistan we are fighting the Taliban (terrorists) in Iraq we are fighting those who were once a menace to to their society (former regime personnel/terrorists), those who are afraid that a democracy would marginalize their influence over the people (Sadr/terrorists), and foreign fighters (terrorists). Is it not obvious that the clerical group in the middle east actually promotes terrorism for the simple fact that a stable democracy threatens their control and authority over "their" people and thereby marginalizes their status in society. Why do you think that the US is so hated, because they teach the population from a young age to hate the US. Our troops have done some shady things over there but that is not why they hate, besides there own rulers are much worse and have done much worse than we have done.

    If the people think what we are doing in Afganistan and Iraq is so wrong then they should try living over there for a few years. I admit that I have not but I would in no way live in a society run by a bunch or religous nutcases. Granted Bush is a little too far leaning for my taste he is nowhere near the level of the radical clerics over there.

    In all cases someone needs to be the scapegoat, it just so happens that as the king of the hill it is really easy to point to the US as the cause of all problems instead of looking inside. If the US doesn't screw this up by ceding to much authority to the UN time will show that we did the right thing. Maybe not tomorrow and maybe not in my generation but time will show that we were right.
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    "Granted Bush is a little too far leaning for my taste he is nowhere near the level of the radical clerics over there."

    Oh, no? Let me put it this way...

    Most religions belief in an ultimate "Evil." The Christian Faith has "the Devil" or "Satan" who is believed to be a real live being.

    Now, George Bush demonstrates that he is an adherent of "Christianity." He, in his admistration, using the US military, wants to and seeks to rid the world of the Devil or Satan, ridding it of "Evil" and "evil doers."

    Yet Satan and his dealings among mankind is something that even God Himself very much allows. If you knew the nature of Satan you'd understand why this is so.

    The Bible indicates that Jesus Christ was "manifested, that he might destroy the works of the devil" (1 John 3:8), but that is Jesus Christ and that has to do with Salvation.

    Bush and his followers are Jesus Christ and His disciples?

    I trow not.
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    most of the people here have had it too easy. never had to think about where the next meal is coming from. if you don't like bush vote him out or move somewhere he's not president. your choice.