Why are people so secretive here?

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    A little background first.

    I am a network administrator as well as a professional photographer. In both my professions I have always gone out of my way to help others that were looking for help to succed. In the photography area I have even gone out of my way to help direct competitors. I have shown them everything I know. The truth is most people don't do what you tell them anyway but I figure that if I have show them what to do and how to do it it's up to them to make a go of it. That's how I was raised and I do feel that what we sew is what we reap in life. I am always ready to help someone who is looking for help.

    Reading over the forums and going back serveral years I have read many posts from people searching for help. In a majority of the posts it seems like there are always those that post comments that are negative to what the origional poster was asking but then the person replying would never give them information to support their opposite view. One thread in particular about the validity of technical indicatiors. People would blatenly say "Indicatiors are rubbish and you have to know how to read the numbers" or I can trade just looking at price action". Then they would never say anything to help the person that was asking about indicators or give anything to support there position.

    In my mind if you are going to disagree with someone you should tell them "Why" you disagree. That not only validates your stance but also helps them see where you are coming from.

    It also seems like there are people on here that are defintely making money and have knowledge of how to work the market but when asked they just tell you need to go through the process and learn from the school of hard knocks. I agree there is no substiture for experience but, some of the posters make it seem like they have the secret and if they were to share there little secret then the world would end and the stock markets would cease to exist. I don't get it. Why not help others be sucessful in life and share what you have learned? It would not hurt you and certainly might benefit you in the long run.

    There is a lot of information here but there could be more if others were willing to share instead of holding on to what they have with there dear life. Also, if there were not so many on line no help responses in the post they would be easier to glean the really helpful information.

    Anyway, I am off my soap box. I posted this in this forum because I have been doing most of my research here. This is not intended to point at any one in particualr just food for tought. Please don't flame the hell out of me although I do expect it.

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    if there arent people willing to make mistakes, then there wont be any trades. the bid and ask will just move one way of the other way without any trades actually going through. basically the money you make comes solely from other traders making mistakes.
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    Since you are a photographer:

    Let's say you are a papparazzi and you know a perfect spot on the beach where you can take pics of celebrities acting silly. Would you show me that spot so I can also take pics and cut your asking price in half???
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    I say you need to know how to search this site.
  5. Yes, the material is here and on trade2win but you have to find it. It is overwhelmed by threads arguing about IB or whether people are secretive here.
  6. Paul, there is a PLETHORA of great info here, you just need to search better.
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    i'm personally agree with fellow traders posts above. on top of that(sorry for my bad english) i would add, that in this journey we paid(and still paying every day) for EVERY SINGLE MISTAKE we made with our own money.most of the newbies failed to realize this simple truth.
    what can you loose at you current job as NA or photographer? your time,but never your own money(unless-you are on your own). think about it.
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    I've gotten a lot of great information off of posts on EliteTrader!

    Revealing information in trading is something of a balancing act. There's lots of helpful info here; however, to expect others to tell you exactly how to trade might be tantamount to expecting someone to post their SSN and bank account numbers to an Internet message board. (Plenty of other threads have addressed the manifold reasons for this, so you might want to search for them if you're interested.)

    Unless you can land a job with one of the few hundred obvious masters in major firms, to succeed in trading you're going to have to largely exercise your own judgment as to whose info is good and do you own learning. This is a VERY different field from either network administration or photography. There are as many styles as there are traders, and you'll probably need to define your own if you want to make a go of it.
  9. Paul:

    1) when someone shows others their "edge" - in many situations, having others use it can water it down. Many times, it might be their own favorite iliquid stocks, where they found a small inefficiency that can only be exploited for modest amounts.

    2) After spending 4-8 years of hard work and tens of thousands in losses to achieve success, why should ANYONE give it with total strangers, who are unwilling to pay proper compensation or even do the work themselves???

    What you are asking essentially is boils down to either:

    a) "when you have a winning lottery ticket, why don't you share it with others you don't know, on this forum.???"

    b) When you bank your profits, please send a percentage to my account, because I am too damned lazy to do my own work.

    c) John is a high school graduate. Why don't you send him your degrees and certifications, social security number and other critical personal info so he can use your identity to get a job as a network engineer under your name??? Or to take out loans in your name???

    d) You own a successful restaurant. Fred wants the same. He wants you to open a carbon copy of your restaurant across the street, and give it to him.

    There. I am off my soap box
  10. I help where I can from time to time. I highly suggest you learn how to trade with price, volume, support and resistance. Use the search.

    Why would someone such as me, whom has spent thousands, and more importantly put in thousands of hours just serve it up for someone like you? I am no expert, but I can hold my own now.

    Your post is mild by ET standards here. Most on this forum ask for advice, criticize it and then don't even say thanks. This isn't directed at your. And yes I do spend less time here due to the above.

    That said you can find a nugget here and there if you are willing to sift through the mud.
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