Why are people on elitetrader dooshbags

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  1. Seriously, I'm reading many posts and I all see are insults and negativity from people.

    No one on elitetrader seems to have any class!

    I wonder if it is the fact that we're on messages boards that people are the dooshbags or is it that in general traders are generally dooshbags.

  2. no you are definitely right perhaps I should say dooshbag percentage. Like in general everyday life you get out 1 dooshbag per 100 people. Here on elitetrader it seems to be a 1:10 ratio
  3. do you mean douchebag?

  4. Id like to see Joe or Baron post an official reply to this seemingly intelligent thread. Why are people on elitetrader dooshbags?
  5. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    My question is why can't people spell douche bag correctly? :D
  6. Lucrum


    Surely your not serious.
  7. jhithers


    Yeah - what a bunch of loosers.


    Spelling problems aside, check out this blog for some funny stuff (related to the topic of this thread, of course):

  8. TGregg


    You spelt Shirly wrong. And how do you know her reel name? :D
  9. dooshbags gots nowhere else to go
  10. Did you mean to search for: shopping results for dooshbags?
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