Why are on-topic, multi-page threads being deleted?

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by krazykarl, Jul 26, 2009.

  1. Commented on one last week with a video of congress grilling Ben. The discussion was good in the thread. OP was fond of the tool congressman that was doing the questioning and thought he got Ben stuck.

    Thread is now gone.....??
  2. I commented in that. Tried searching, all gone. Odd.
  3. Someone from the Fed probably made a phone call to a moderator threatening to reinstitute the uptick rule. Either that or good discussions are not encouraged on ET. Can’t decide which.
  4. I once thought all 9000 of my posts were deleted , but then I realized they were just being enshrined.

  5. You mean so called COLD/Jason/Tunaa/YOU

    Incidentally, I didn't delete it or even see it. I don't read threads started by you.
  6. Salmonn


    you don't read much do you

    you are a worker bee Ivan, you work you don't think

    that is your function :cool:
  7. Obsessed troll says what?