Why are most criminals Democrats?

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  1. agreed ... there is an indisputable correlation between conservatism and legality
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  2. You are the stupid ass here. I never said people loose their citizenship, ever. They do loose certain rights (right to vote, own firearm etc) which are automatic for citizens. Hence, when they get these rights back they are getting their ''citizenship restored''. I never said that they loose their citizenship if they are a felon. It's simply what the process of getting your rights back is called- "restoring your citizenship". Not "re-obtaining" your citizenship.

    A down syndrome idiot like you probably can't distinguish between the two.


    What a fucking idiot. LOL!!!!!!!!!!

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  3. " You lose your right to vote when convicted of a felony unless you go thru the process of getting your citizenship restored..."

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  4. maxpi


    For godz sakes, it's "lose" not "loose"... I try and tell everybody and I just am never done with this work... it's thankless too, a pure labor of love but I must keep on with it... so many "loosers" so little time.
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  5. Yes, the grammar police always make an appearance when someone has had their ass handed tew theyum in uh deebate.

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  6. Do you realize that ask google can be one idiot giving advice to another ? To look like less of an ass in the future I suggest you don't use ask google as a reference
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  7. Unlike you, I`m not worried about how I "look" to some anonymous online message board.

    Regardless of where the answer came from, it's still correct. I'm still right, you are still wrong.

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