Why are most criminals Democrats?

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  1. Some states allow for incarcerated felon's to vote, it varies by state.
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  2. Man do you ever quit talking out of your ass???

    Felons are not allowed to vote. You lose your right to vote when convicted of a felony unless you go thru the process of getting your citizenship restored, which you can not do from jail.

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  3. Mav88


    This quote illustrates perfectly that the left has won the stupidity battle.

    1. The poor don't pay taxes in fact they take more than they give, however according to liberals giving another taxpayer a cut is stealing from the poor

    2. Letting somone keep more of what they earn is stealing it from somone else.

    3. The middle class did not pay more, in fact they also got a tax cut while the tax system remains highly progressive.

    4. The military must be paid and weapons have to be purchased, it is a legitimate constitutionally mandated function of government. In any event the cost is trivial when compared to the left's stealing of one guys money and giving it to someone else. The farm subsidy program alone is comparable to the weapons aquisition budget, I would wager it larger.

    This is the sort of mind numbing stupidity that must be honed and taught to others, it really does boggle the mind that it actualy works on large numbers of people.
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  4. Look before you leap...


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  5. Maine & Vermont let you vote in prison, but since there are only about 2,000 inmates total in each state, its negligible.

    How the heck Big Arrow knew this is beyond me unless he was one of the prisoners or knew someone personally in one of those prisons that were able to vote. Either that or he looked it up just because he wanted to try to prove me wrong (which means I have a troll follower, YAY!) :D
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  6. My bad I didn't know a felon lost his citizenship. And I didn't know it could be restored after you lost your citizenship.
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  8. Hey newmoanya, I've scoured the net and I can't find anywhere it says a felon loses his citizenship why don't you post a link on this for us. And I also did some net search on felons and voting and well looks like you owe me an apology. Someone was talking out their ass but it wasn't me.
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  9. I didn't say that a felon loses his citizenship. I said they lose the right to vote.

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  10. You are truly a dumbass

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