Why are moderators using threatening language at other members?

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by maxxy, Jun 28, 2009.

  1. maxxy


    A code of conduct is a great thing, that is, when its followed. The code specifically bans harassment, threatening behavior, insults or defamatory conduct against another individual.

    In the following illustration, this Ivanovich is clearly harassing Marketsurfer and violating the code of conduct. Then the thread is placed into "Chit Chat" after Ivanovich has a tantrum. Now I don't subscribe to Marketsurfer's ideaology. I do not support his way of thinking.

    However, just because I disagree with his opinions does not mean I can threaten the guy. Thats simply not right especially for a moderator.

    How can the moderators of this website get around the code of conduct? Why is threatening language being used? Is this how moderators are supposed to behave on this website? Quite disappointing.

  2. Do you not have anything better to do?
  3. hughb


    That doesn't look like a threat, it looks more like a request/demand for more substance in the post. It's borderline overmoderation though.
  4. overmoderation is going on

    Ivan should have been a cop

    he could beat up hippies, wave his gun around, fancy a short military haircut

    I could picture him saying


  5. maxxy/Port is just upset that I exposed him again.
  6. Joe


    Looks ok, didn't see anything wrong with Ivans post.
  7. That's nothing. Seriously.

    Ivan once gave me a grasshopper.

    What's that you ask?

    Let's see...it's 3/4 oz Green Creme de Menthe...3/4 oz white Creme de Cacao...3/4 oz light cream...

    ...shaken over ice, strained into a cocktail glass, and served.

    Ivan, you sadistic, militant bastard. :cool:
  8. Yes, I'm evil.

    I know a lot of folks have an issue with Surf - I'd like to state clearly that I do not. I actually like his posts - I just wish he would have included more commentary on this one (which is why I asked). But I cannot be biased. If I ask other folks to place more commentary than just a one-liner call, then i have to ask those I like as well.

    Complaining about moderators in the feedback section - particularly me - is Port's MO. That's one of the reasons he's so easy to spot.
  9. Why can't we put moderators on ignore??
  10. That's a good question. I guess if we have to listen to all the crap you guys spew out, then you have to listen to all the crap we spew. :)
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