Why are moderators posting so much?

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  1. I belong to a couple of other Forums which are really well run, and the moderators over there stay in the background and moderate. That's it! They don't start threads or interfere in discussions, or play out their prejudices or likes/dislikes through posts. They ensure the Forum is running smoothly and that's it. that's all they should be doing.

    Are you aware that a moderator can influence a thread just by posting there? Just by posting his opinion, a moderator scares off anyone holding an opposite viewpoint. Why would anyone post in disagreement to a moderator when most likely their post will be deleted? Not only that, but all the wannabe's come out of the woodwork and support that moderator in his viewpoint and make the thread seem vey onesided.

    I was just going to post something enlightening in the politics section, but I saw Magna there and just decided its not worth it, because of what I have written above. Why is he deleting anti-Obama posts in the politics section?

    Baron, do you realise how much these moderators are denigrating this site by being active posters? I really hope you think about this seriously, as I believe its an important issue.

    What about all these shills like the Marketsurfer who make every attempt to represent themselves as if they manage a big hedge fund trying to get newbs to message them and lure them into big trading trap? Shouldnt they be paying the sponsorship fees to shill their products? If Surf is such a big fund manager paying $500 would be nothing to them. Make Surf and the rest become paid sponsors instead of having them leach off the board...
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    For someone who keeps returning with new aliases what exactly are you babbling about?

    If you do post something enlightening it will be a first. And please stop lying as NO posts in the P&R section have been deleted. This was my recent post there in response to concerns about moderation:

    Prior to that my last post in P&R was way back on Jan 8.

    Again, what are you blathering about??? I make on average 0.85 posts per day. You on the other hand average 3.71 posts per day which means you post 4X as much as me. :confused: Probably best if you return to those other trading forums you mentioned because you sound awfully confused here. We will miss you terribly.
  3. Marketsurfer :cool:
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    1) nonsense
    2) don't be such a pussy
    3) I've disagreed with and even bad mouthed moderators before.
  5. Exactly. He's retaildaytrader and has been re-posting (as new threads) archived threads. One of his first posts as "engineerlarry" was a copied thread from 2006 about Swift Trade.


    Reposted this thread verbatim:


    Begs the question.... why is this multinic troll still allowed to post?
  6. You are just pissed about what happened at CRT. No need to take it out on me. I wasnt responsible.
  7. Thought I might add...shouldnt someone who solicits business with journals on elitetrader pay for sponsorship and follow the regulations on advertising returns? You have here a professional trader who has worked for CRT, Solly and blew up in a business with his brother in law. He posts journals to solicit business through this website. He has openly admitted that he has received referrals through this site. Th readers have a right to know...where is the disclosure and why isnt this man paying sponsorship fees? He is breaking the law with his journals.
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    He's got a point, though. Suppose you wanted to put a POS like Tgregg on ignore -- you can't, because he's a "moderator".
  9. I always thought a moderator was a long-time participant who has been granted moderation privileges; effectively a volunteeer who keeps things in check for our benefit. Their opinion regarding site rules should be respected. But if they like red and I like blue, so friggin what. Don't like it? There's always the x in the top right corner of your screen.
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    NO numb nuts, not really.
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