Why are living standards in the western world still far ahead of emerging countries?

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  1. China is the most poluting country in the world.

    The 10 most poluting cities in the world are either in India or China.

    In India at a Managerial level, a person generally works for 11 hours a day and 6 days a week. A typical office will open at 09:00 or 09:30 and officially end the work day at about 19:00. However, many workers and especially managers will stay later in the office due to additional work load. This is equivalent to 66 hours a week, or 3,400+ hours per year.

    Thats double of the working time in the US.

    And more than double of Western Europe.

    Minimum wage in China is 0,25$, India and Brazil do a lot better above a $!

    Needless tho compare these numbers to the western world.

    Mortality rate below 5 years old in both China and India are several 100%'s worse then those in the US and Europe.

    Life expectency of the western world is far higher in europe and the US then in emerging markets.

    Press freedom then. China does even worse then Iran!:p

    Ofcourse this isnt excactly the field of strength for the US but Western Europe clearly outperforms all emerging countries by a landslide.

    Hapiness index: :).

    The list goes on and on.

    Now some of you might think this is all patriotic propaganda but hear me out.

    I agree with the bears here Western countries have been under the rule of a failed political system for decades now driving standards of living substantialy lower (especialy in the US, europe follows not far behind).

    So what's keeping them from catching up?

    Also, why do all these flaws in emerging economies get so little attention in the (economic) media?

    Is it because 'they' would like to see the whole world turn into a gigantic sweatshop?
  2. hy hthere is no f*king fish in med? Why nobody writes about it ?
  3. how many countries have you lived in, because you are wrong in so many ways, you do understand that the statistics and information you have studied regarding various countries is produced by an entity from within your own country and so is fully biased, western countries have their own cons

    i personally don't give a fuck about any country, they are all shit at the core, it is money that matters, when you are really wealthy, you can always buy the fucking worthless scum politicians, buy security, buy real freedom (not the fake face fuck american freedom), buy the best girls ...
  4. Let me guess... You're Russian, right? Only a Russian would refer to freedom as having the "best girls" and "security." Either you're a Russian or you're a Pakistani.
  5. These countries lag because the people are shitty. This is not a racist statement, it's from experience.

    In Germany or most western countries I can leave stuff laying around, leave then come back and still find the stuff there. Try doing that in any of these shitty countries.

    In the US we also have third world type shit holes because the people living there are shitty.

    because the people are shitty, it does not matter how long they work or how smart they are. Their countries will always be shitty.
  6. ....................................................

    Actually there is a lot of truth to this....

    In some countries....some people will relieve themselves wherever, whenever they please....in others....they are much more discriminate....

    You just might be on to a form of "discriminancy index"....

    However...the countries where "relief efforts " are quite loose....One will also find "more freedom"....

    "Freedom" is a lot better than "constant submission"....

    By the way....one makes the world their own oyster....

    Up to you....and no one else....
  7. I think a society's surplus has a lot to do with it. When Indians, Pakistanis, Vietnamese, etc... come here, they attain very high levels in society.

    Those societies in Asia most resemble the US in the turn of the century, between the Guilded Age and the Progressive era. If you know anything about that period - the tenements, the pollution, the crime, the company towns that paid people not in dollars, but in company coupons, redeemable - guess where? The company store... well, you begin to realize it's much more complicated than your simplistic western centric view.

    And guess what? With globalization, those countries are rising. And with global wage arbitrage, and bigger markets for finite resources, well, let's just say that water reaches it's own level eventually and we'll all be a little bit prosperous and a little (or a lot) shitty at the same time.

    Take away the wealth surplus from any society, especially the distribution of wealth, and the morals adjust accordingly.

    Hope this view doesn't conflict with your superior race theory.
  8. The med is one of the oldest fished seas in the world. Same with Sea of Japan.

    We're not too far behind. I fish the Northeast - especially Striped Bass. Have you read accounts about the Northeast from 200+ years ago? It was a friggin cornucopia of wildlife. The Hudson river would be covered with waterfowl. The sky would blacken in the middle of the day during the seasonal migration of geese and duck. On the beaches, bird nests and eggs would litter the sand dunes. The dutch named a town Egg Harbor in NJ for a reason - the beaches had so many eggs lying about. Fishing the beaches was a no brainer - striped bass, bait fish, blues, etc... would darken the beaches during migrations. Dark clouds of biomass just 10-30 feet from the shoreline. All you needed was some rope and a hooked spoon and you handlined the fish. 30-50 pounders right at your feet. It was that easy.

    Hitting two birds with one stone was not a saying - it was actually quite easy to do. In the Chesapeake small canons were mounted on boats and shot down tens of waterfowl at a time.... hundreds harvested daily.
  9. Lethn


    You know I've basically come to a conclusion when it comes to stuff like this when people start talking about who has better 'morals' or who has the most secure and prosperous country.

    There are no morals, the only thing there is is humanity and how we deal with each other. That's why you can have huge culture clashes if two people love each other for instance and they decide to throw away the stupid ideals of their peoples and ignore them while the fight amongst themselves.

    This is why nowadays I pretty much look at America and see nothing more than the Roman Empire. I sincerely hope I don't need to explain to people here why that is because if you take down all the freedom posturing their people and politicians do as well as ignore the stuff they preach about morality etc. then it's freaking easy to see.
  10. I agree with the Rome anology. When a nation's surplus is threatened, it is the elites that begin the looting first - they even legalize it. The masses are always slow on the take. But when they do figure it out - and they always eventually do - that's when TSHTF. Then morality goes out the window.
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