Why are lefties surprised by all the revelations of lies and corruption from obama?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Max E., May 14, 2013.

  1. Max E.

    Max E.

    I love how the left is suddenly caught off guard as to just how corrupt, and just how vindictive obama is. Lets See, all of these scandals in the last 3 days were brought to their attention before, but somehow the obamazombies managed to convince themselves that OBAMA of all people is above the politics and ABOVE the corruption.

    Obama is the so called scholar who spent his formative adult years in the chicago political machine, and he actually considered himself a scholar of the ways of Saul Alinsky. The guy put out an "enemies" list on the whitehouse website defaming all of romneys donors during the last election, and coincidentally they got audited.

    Now lefties are shocked that both him and his administration have been proven to be corrupt as hell, like they didnt see it coming, like its a huge step out of obamas norm. The guy was a partisan scumbag from day one who has spent all his time in office degrading those who he disagrees with, and the left is now shocked that he lied his ass off, and abused his power along the way to destroy his opponents.

    How could the left have deluded themselves enough to believe obama, of all people, was above the political fray, when the first thing he did in office is pay his donors back through the stimulus?

    It would have been like thinking george bush was a genius, until he choked on his own toothbrush, and then saying, "I really didnt see that coming"
  2. No, politics is politics. Politics is dirty.

    Even this IRS can be considered politics, targeted auditing happens all of the time.

    Trying to suppress the free press is another ball game. The press is there to give grief and start drama. It is what they do and it is a strength of our society.

    That can be considered a direct and undeniable attack on the First Amendment. Im going over to HuffPo to see what they are saying, I came here first, as usual.
  3. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    So why is an attack on the First Amendment so much more vile than an attack on the Second Amendment?

    You can't pick and choose which parts you feel like defending in the Constitution, you know. Well, you can, of course. But you end up looking like a hypocritical ass.
  4. pspr


    Ideology blinds liberals. All of this stuff was obvious months ago if not years ago to anyone watching. Liberals have been blind fools and would be happy to go back to being blind if they could.

    Obama has been good at keeping those seeking evidence of abuse of power at bay. And, there has been plenty of abuses by the 'might makes right' Obama and his administration minions.

    It has only been persistent digging by a few who finally has brought these abuses to the light of day with enough evidence to be meaningful. The same happened to expose Nixon after relentless digging into the cover up by a few who demanded the truth.
  5. I never thought Obama was attacking the second amendment. That is rightie propaganda. Gun control is not gun confiscation. No one has said anything about gun confiscation outside of California.

    This however cannot be ignored. The Free Press is not to be touched.
  6. Ricter


    But it's not a free press, we've told here nearly every day that it's a leftist media. So, attacks on it are a good thing, or at least meaningless, correct? ; )
  7. Hmmm, the HuffPo is not running the story......that's disturbing.
  8. Well, that is right wing propaganda and they have been saying that delusional crap forever.

    I see where you are going Ricter, but spying on the AP is just too much, if they had said they had been cyberstalking Rush I would have said the same thing.

    Trying to pour cold water on the press is just a bad idea. I do not see how anyone would think this would help Obama.

    After this is all over the wingers will still say the press, the courts, the schools and all the grocery stores are liberals and out to destroy this once great land.:D :D
  9. Easy, love is blind. Especially the puppy type love they have for Obama. I'm being serious. They have a love affair with this guy and are now finding out he just fucked their sister, and mother. Dad may have taken the pipe as well. They are in a state of shock.
    The whole thing went to hell the minute it became more important to elect a black man rather than a qualified person, so much so that they even dumped Hillary. It went downhill from that point on.
  10. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    Restricting weapons is control on the Right to Bear Arms. You can color it any way you like if it makes you feel better but the rest of us aren't fooled.
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