Why are Investing Vues threads all being closed?

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by lilduckling, Sep 7, 2008.

  1. Is he not a paying sponsor?.... i mean even the one in Announcements got closed.

    Why? is he doing something wrong? if so i would like to know so that i wont no longer support him.
  2. He spams incessantly. He is clueless. Many complaints.
  3. I miss him, he was great entertainment.
  4. The guy refused to stop spamming advertising in the discussion threads. It became repelling. Like an ugly girl constantly flirting with you. After a while, you are past annoyed and just turn off everything she is involved with.
  5. My guess is that his ET sponsorship came to an end and has nothing to do with the quality of his posts.

    His threads are then closed to prevent them from being bumped to the top for some free advertising. ET is so active that closed threads will quickly sink into cyberspace and be forgotten.

  6. ahh i hate when that happens