Why are IB's chart's so slow?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by cscott, Dec 22, 2006.

  1. cscott


    Can some Java programmer tell me why InteractiveBrokers charts are so slow to load? I'm curious because other Java charts don't load that slowly. I keep hoping IB's chart loading will improve with every upgrade and it is not happening. Can someone that understands Java look into this please, and let us and IB know what the problem is so that this problem can be fixed.
  2. they should be cached. that way u will have to wait only when u create them.
  3. robbob


    I'm not sure, but I heard that upgrading to Java 1.6 helped a lot.

  4. yeah it does but they still should be cached. how hard can that be...
  5. cscott


    I upgraded and have not noticed any difference.
  6. The feed is slow. Thats all there is to it.

    Ameritade backfill much faster
  7. you need good datafeed to get smooth and fast charts. Try eSignal or IQFeed.
  8. The data feed is FAST. Its the backfill that is slow.
  9. cscott


    I thought that too, but then QT charts load quickly using the same data feed from IB.

    As far as caching the charts goes, I take it you are referring to saving the chart and/or template. I do not see where caching or saving a chart would be much help in most instances. Many times I want to pull up and look at a chart only once or change the time frame or some other parameter the next time I view the chart. Unless someone proves otherwise, I believe it is a problem with the Java code that is written in TWS for the charts. I would think that Interactive Brokers is aware of the problem, but maybe they aren't.
  10. it would save an eternity of time if u minimize and open again. and that's all i and many others do all day long since most of my charts are up and running from premkt
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