Why are Gypsies/ Travelers /Gitanos /Roma people hated all over the world ?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by oktiri, Nov 19, 2008.

  1. Never lived near or close to these people. anyone cares to elaborate ?
  2. They use cheap blacktop, and put it down too thin. The driveway sealer washes off after the first rain.
  3. For me its short people. Way too many everywhere.
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    When my wife 15 or so she worked at a preteen ish store in the mall.

    Before that job I do not think she even knew what a gypsie was.

    After that job she still 10 years later has a really bad view of them as a people.

    She witnessed them stealing, and teaching their young children to steal at least once a day.

    She tells me they are very loud, mean spirited and sneaky towards non gypsies, but that they seem to be really nice to each other.

    Also my father says he was really good friends with a gypsie guy in high school. The guy ended up marrying a red head and they kicked him out of the "tribe"

    Other than the stealing and stuff I think people do not like them because they refuse to conform in any way. They have thier traditions and they are sticking to them, I guess.

    It is really hard to find out much about them.