Why are Fox News viewers so stupid?

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  1. ...because they eat this shit with a fork.

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  2. Deja Vu...

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  3. dsq


    There are many uneducated and/or willfully ignorant morons in this country.Willful ignorance is a prominent conservative character trait i.e.: belief in religious fairy tales and rejection of science and fact.
  4. If you believe Fox's statistics ...

    It has the most diverse listenership ...

    I don't believe their statistics, but you certainly add to their argument.
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  6. Here's what I find funny,

    The IDIOT-LEFT have PBS, Virtually the entire MSM, The God Damn Entire Public School System (including universities), etc, etc, etc ...


    I gotta tell you, the LEFTIST-IDIOTS are both comic and tragic
  7. And you are proud of this?

    Aren't they supposed to report the news not shape it :eek:
  8. Don't you know, they're just entertaining ...making jokes. They don't mean any of it. :D
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