Why are Democrats and liberals...

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Sardo_Numspa, Aug 1, 2003.

  1. such hypocrites and liars? They support military action against Iraq when Clinton is in office, oppose it when Bush is in office. They say they're the human-rights party but oppose the removal of the worst human-rights violator in a generation. They say they're for the common people but want to jack up government spending and rob the common people to pay for it. Just wondering. :confused:
  2. MRWSM


    Probably because they're a bunch of commy's in disguise.:D
  3. maxpi


    Because they are morally and intellectually bankrupt, have been for decades.
  4. Pabst


    It really is scary. By my criteria around half the people in this country, and about 80% of the democrats in Congress, are out and out communists. The greatest threat to our continued prosperity and freedom is from the liberal electorate.
  5. ALL Politicians are hypocrites and liars Tardo_Numbskull. And the rest of your post is drivel. Nobody wanted Saddam to stay in power, your tax reference is just stupid (Go Bushy go, drive up those deficits!) because our current budgets and tax structures are driving up deficits like it's the 80's again. And the common people are out of work or having to settle for service jobs to pay the bills. 3 million less jobs in 3 years, deficits, ever-expanding wars (lets just keep going at this on our own, that's a smart plan), and hidden plans for everything from energy to military spending make me think that it's the other way around. When your in power, as the repubs are, you should show us why you whined during the Clinton years, do things better, and fix the wrongs. Bush has done a good job on trying to create a workable structure for Middle East peace, but that's about all he's done well.