Why Are Concervatives Incapable Of Criticizing Themselves?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by dsq, Jan 11, 2010.

  1. dsq


    Whenever a conservative or conservative viewpoint is totally wrong the conservative will deny and defend his wrong position til the death.
    How many times over 8 years did anybody over at FAUX News criticize bush-and there were so many failures on his part?
    Then look at how msnbc and olberman and maddow have been criticizing obama in the last few months.
    See,liberals are able to be objective and criticize themselves.Conservatives...never.
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    Just make up whatever the hell you want and put it out as fact. DSQ nailed lying again. What else is new?
  3. Could it be that they eat shit, watch shit, touch shit, smell shit all day long so they think their own shit doesn't stink?


  4. Actually Drjek, O'Reilly has repeatedly said that he's an "independent."
  5. dsq


    it is a fact you retarded discarded fetus.
    oreilly supported bush and his failed policies all the way til what,the last 5 mins of his political life when wall st was crashing down?Wow,what backbone.Bush was done in 08 and disappeared to his fake ranch in the summer of 08 and was almost never heard from again.GW was almost completely awol during the whole financial crisis.So you call that balls for orally to dump on a loser in the last 2mins of a losers political career?
    Lets see where fox has criticized bush at the beginning of a term or during a successful stage of a conservative politicians career.
    Contrast that with what maddow and olberman have been doing to obama the last few months.However you are unable to because you are a moronic,14yr old drone living in your moms basement.

  6. BigDaveDouchebag, don't you have some climate charts to manipulate?
  7. loik


    Why would you think conservatives/republicans/democrats/socialists/facists etc would not defend their wrong positions?
  8. I fixed your quote for you.:D