Why are Black runners so much faster than whitey?

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  1. Position of belly button apparently. who woulda thunk it. :cool:

    WASHINGTON — Scientists have found the reason why blacks dominate on the running track and whites in the swimming pool: it’s in their belly-buttons, a study published Monday shows.

    What’s important is not whether an athlete has an innie or an outie but where his or her navel is in relation to the rest of the body, says the study published in the International Journal of Design and Nature and Ecodynamics.

  2. I don't know but since blacks dominate sports, i think we need some sort of law to include more honkies and other minorities because it just isn't fair. Waaaaaaaaaaaaah
  3. Eight


    and the elderly...
  4. Lucrum


    I thought it was because more recently in their evolution they were still running for their lives from predators.

  5. Like the PO-lice.

    The ones that get caught, go to jail. The ones that don't, go to the olympics. :)
  6. hey, why does my thread only have 1 star? usually im a five star guy. :mad:
  7. That is the reason. It's also he reason they don't test well on IQ tests. How smart you do you have to be to run from a bugger?
  8. Survival of the fittest.
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    Lots of practice running from the po lease. The ones that get away get a better chance to breed. The ones that get caught only "breed" same sex.
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    maybe the bleeding heart liberals who claim they never vote - are voting
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