Why are atheists so insecure in their own belief systems?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by ZZZzzzzzzz, May 15, 2007.

Why are atheists so insecure in their own belief systems?

  1. Sour grapes

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  2. They want to be theists, but failed

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  3. Childhood wounding

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  4. They suffer from inferiority/superiority complex

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  1. So why are the ET atheists so insecure in their own belief systems, that they constantly are found attacking those who have faith that they don't have?
  2. ZZZZZZZZZZ you are so far off base it isn't funny. You have to be very secure to stand up and say its just not true. In america today it is far easier to just go along with 80% who claim to believe. It is very hard to go against the delusion.
    I speak from personal experience. As a believer for 50 years who finally came to the conclusion that its just not true the break was difficult. After 50 years you are very invested in the church and people you know from your group of believers. Once you make it known that you do not believe anymore it is all lost. Your church friends probably will not reject you outright but a wall goes up. They will treat you like someone with an incurable disease. They are so indoctrinated to believe that they will be shocked that anyone could change their mind. You will start hearing things like "we will pray for you", we will pray that satan will release his grip on you, someday you will come back into the fold,dont wait too long, someday you will find your way out of the darkness.
    I wont even talk about what it does to a marriage when only one becomes an unbeliever.
    If you think an insecure person can withstand this kind of pressure you have no idea.
  3. Verbose.

    Sorry that your marriage failed.

    Seek therapy.

  4. Wrong again. Are you ever right about anything? My marriage is fine but it was difficult for about a year. After 37 years she was disappointed but could see the big picture.
  5. What a shame that you are unable to see the big picture, and need to come here to vent your pain...

    American Heritage Dictionary - Cite This Source
    re·sent·ment (rĭ-zěnt'mənt) Pronunciation Key
    n. Indignation or ill will felt as a result of a real or imagined grievance. See Synonyms at anger.

    You can't be free from something as long as you continue to harbor resentments toward that something...

  6. jem


    vhehn move to a city in a blue state. You will find that declaring that you have faith gets the same treatment in many circles.