Why are all these people coming out of the blue with silly questions?

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by thriftybob, May 17, 2007.

  1. I assume its either 1 person signing up with multiple ids like the vickicho one where the same exact question got posted under multiple ids 3 times, or is it more than one?

    What is the point?

    Tell us why you have decided to descend upon us?
  2. Rocko1


    only logical conclusion:

    Attention Whore
  3. Testing english writing skills?

  4. I started a thread similar to this one the other day...my guess is an econ class or something. Or someone is reading econ philosophy for dummies and is just pasting questions out of there to get some chatter....it's obnoxious...all one post posters too.
  5. I wonder if its a foreign language? I saw your other thread today when I as going thru all the recent ones to see how many are from new posters.

    I'm just not going to answer anymore of them. I have better, hopefully more profitable, things to do.
  6. I feel violated. I responded to the mining M&A question in good faith. :eek:
  7. Bull market...
  8. NEWBS = Easy $$$$$ :D
  9. bighog

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    Infestation of cabana boys from guess who? .. :D
  10. Joe


    I think it might be a college class in a foreign country trying to get the perspective of American economists, one person found us and then told his/her other friends and everyone is using our site for their info. It looks like their registration has died off thus most likely their project is over and they have submitted their analysis.

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