"Why America was nuked"

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  1. "Why America was nuked!"

    By Kevin McCullough

    Sunday, February 4, 2007

    Only two weeks after the elections in November of 2008, The United States of America, a nation of former greatness lay in absolute desolate ruin. Within the previous 72 hours a series of eight successive, delayed nuclear devices had been detonated. Indescribably large portions of metro Washington D.C., Boston, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, and two thirds of the island of Manhattan have been turned into steaming craters. Millions are dead, President George W. Bush is in intensive care, two-thirds of the Cabinet - including the Vice President missing or dead.

    President-elect Barack Obama faces the most enormous challenge of any incoming President in the history of the nation.

    How did it happen?

    Turn back the clock to the week of February 5, 2007. With a courageous handful of dissenting votes against the measures, the two houses of Congress - purposefully ignore the pleas of General David Petraeus and both pass non-binding resolutions that condemn the President's call for victory. One comes from the Democratic controlled House condemning the President, his plan, and by implications the troops and the other from a U.S. Senate that ceases to even feign any faint resemblance to standing for victory.

    Most disappointing in the entire sick, pathetic process are the cowardly actions of those who refuse to answer even simple questions on talk radio shows. Names like Boehner, Cantor, Warner, and McCain take actions, evade questions, and sponsor resolutions that then Secretary of Defense Robert Gates confirms will embolden the enemy. It matters not that at 6pm EST across America Hewitt, Levin, Gibson, and Savage tried daily to remind us all of what would come.

    As a nation our leaders had taken us from the shadows of Churchill to the defeat of Chamberlain. And what's worse is we had let them.

    Even the then "new media" known as the blogosphere rallied tens of thousands of signatures and bloggers to speak back to those in power, only to be evaded, shut down, and ignored.

    From those resolutions the remaining remnants of Americans who knew in their hearts the importance of victory over the terrorist movement of Islamo-facisim, begin to resign themselves to the reality that the maniacal and dangerous voices from the left had achieved full victory. Even Howard Dean emerged from his political cave long enough to gloat and offer comment.

    As in the Vietnam conflict a generation previous, neither the United States military - nor her allies had lost a single battle on the field of war. Yet her withdrawal from the area begins a rapid progession into absolute civil strife and chaos.

    Iran, long on the very publicized trail to a nuclear weapon of her own reinforces the Shia majority population in what was Iraq. Feeling threatened and under-matched to Tehran's superior strategy and numbers Al Qaeda seeks state sponsored help for the Sunni population. Wicked Shia death squad strikes are answered with large scale Shia losses from Sunni IEDs. The Kurds are annihilated by a second set of Hizbollah and Iranian forces and Tehran siezes the oil wealth of northern Iraq. Eventually Iraq all but disappears, and only an imaginary line now divides the Sunni controlled south and the Iranian controlled north.

    For a brief while Americans forget about war. Soldiers return home and go back to families, children, and jobs. During the main push of the 2008 election cycle pro-war-on-terror candidates begin to be scorned so badly on the campaign trail, most of them drop out by mid May.

    Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama battle it out to the end. But in the end the Kennedy styled message of Obama secures enough states to guarantee the nomination. In a gesture of unspeakable generosity, particularly after many of the things she has said about him on the trail, Obama invites Clinton to accept her place as his Vice-President. The convention rocks with excitement, and causes the already shaky ticket for the GOP to simply fall apart.

    On election day Obama carries 39 states including the previously unthinkable Georgia, Mississippi, and Alabama.

    The nation prepares for another peaceful transition of power, one of the truly remarkable footnotes of American styled democracy. Even then, perhaps especially then, people prepare for Thanksgiving.

    On the Monday before the American holiday Iran finally fulfills one of its long intentioned plans. At roughly 3am local time military jets drop a small payload of conventional bombs onto the northern Israeli town of Tel Aviv. By 6am local time the story is on the front pages but also on every cable television channel across the world. At roughly 6:15am with the sun still not risen television crews in Tel Aviv capture what appear to be streaking lights headed south in the sky. Moments later above Jerusalem and viewable from as far away as Tel Aviv, a bright light followed by a large mushroom cloud - it is paydirt for the North Korean long range missile and the Iranian developed nuclear payload.

    In order that they may share the oil revenue in the name of serving Allah, the world does not know that key Sunni leaders along with current Al Qaeda leadership had long since helped sustain an enforced truce with Iran along the imaginary line in former Iraq. Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinjad announces on Iranian television, which is in turn shortly relayed throughout the world, that Allah has been victorious over the Zionists.

    Immediately and through every means available a massive crush of people leaving Israel hits anywhere they can land in North America - New York, Chicago, Mexico City, Miami, and Dallas. Simultaneously because the Congress had decided to de-fund the southern border fence there is noted increase in the number of border crossings by people attempting to get in to the United States.

    With them are the final two persons needed to activate the final two portable nuclear devices in American cities.

    President Bush, out of loyalty and love for our best allies Israel, orders jet strikes on Tehran. Unfortunately the damage done is not able to penetrate deep enough underground to disturb Iran's operational hub.

    Beginning at 5am on Wednesday morning, Al Qaeda agents incinerate historic Washington D.C., downtown Manhattan is leveled, and the Sears Tower in Chicago sprays bits of glass as far as DuPage county.

    Will we then be a nation UNITED towards victory?

  2. Nice propaganda piece.

    So the message is: our race is superior, we are unique, we must commit genocide only to brown skined people (ONLY in those countries that have oil and dare to sell it in euros).

    Further messages: despite spending 1/2 of budget on military, we are weak. We are perpetual victims.

    Gee I just can't understand why the world hates the US? The
    US is selfless, kind, and only wishes to spread 'democracy and liberty'. Why or why won't these brown skinned barbarians accept our rule and live under the hell of our military?

    The solution: genocide.

    This folks, is the mesage brought to you by the sane, godly, WWJD christian and zionist right. They don't care about profits, They only spread the word of god, using WMD.
  3. yep, better be careful out there, obl is spreading his wings like never before, making new alliances even with extremists in boston:


  4. Its easy to spot a racist pig when they immediately bring up the "brown skinned people" reference when there was absolutely no reason to.

    Its the racist that see's everything in skin color like yourself. I read that piece and not once did race cross my mind.

    Propaganda is right. You just spewed it.
  5. Race is the ONLY card torontotrader has to play
  6. Moonbat prattle at its finest.

    No, the message is, the US is fucked. You ought to be very happy. It is apparent that nothing would give you more pleasure than to see several American cities reduced to radioactive smoke heaps. Goodbye American imperialism! Goodbye Halliburton! Goodbye Zionist supporters!

    But I've got news for you: After Pres. Obama and Vice-Pres. Hillary bow in surrender and start praying to Mecca several times a day.......you're heretofore independent country will be next to be swallowed into the caliphate.

    "Allah O Akbar!!" Get used to saying that (unless you all ready do, of course.)
  7. So who let this Kevin retard out of the mental institution?..:confused:

    By the way, all that praying to Allah in Iraq isn't doing any good.
    Maybe he doesn't exist except in the "Minds of the Muslims"...

    Delusion is a wonderful thing isn't it?
  8. Do you even realize how contradictory your post is? Probably not....moonbatitis
  9. Let me put it another way so it won't go over your head this time.

    1- Some guy named Kevin escaped out of his room at the looney bin
    and wrote a stupid article which you posted here at ET.

    2- Muslims are praying all day long in Iraq for the killing to stop (at
    least the normal ones).

    3- This is obviously not doing any good. They are killing each other
    at a faster rate. (the stupid radical ones). Which leads us to: 4

    4- Allah exists only in the "Minds of the Muslims" as a delusion.

    Now if you can not understand this, then you are misguided by delusion.
  10. Exactly. They are delusional. Delusional enough to nuke several cities in this country. That is the point of the author's essay.

    Yep, you contradicted yourself and it just went over your head. Moonbatitis....
    #10     Feb 7, 2007