Why America couldn't even spend the economic stimulus package?

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  1. All those funds are standing still, why they don't build super-roads or anything?
  2. i don't think you understand how it works or what "spent" means.

    Our company is contracted to do about 3 million in work this year that is being paid for by stimulus money. First the projects had to be identified and approved. Then the buildings needed to be imspected to determine the scope of work. Then the architects have to draw up the plans. Then it goes out for bid. Now we have to wait for the weather to warm up before we start working. We probably won't start until April, so we''ll finish sometime arouynd August. Then the money will be spent and we'll get paid. It takes a while.Things don't happen overnight.
  3. amount of stimulus / number of jobs saved or created

  4. yeah.. im sure whatever city you are in needs another piece of commercial real estate! Obama should go on TV and ask everyone to go around defacing property and breaking windows so your company has plenty of work to go remodel and fix things up.

    surely 3mm for you is less 3mm for someone else
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    Because all that money was dolled out to the states so they could keep their current, bloated salaries, without having to make any sort of cutback in present or future (pension) compensation.

    "The shovel ready poject" myth was just created as cover for this government bureaucracy bailout.
  6. I have no sympathy for any politician... But would you vote to cut your own neck?
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    Most of that money was earmarked for Democratic pet projects that don't even happen for another year or two. It even included money for the part of the health care bill they wanted to hide. It wasn't a stimulus package but a Democratic pork wish list. No wonder it didn't create many jobs (other than more government bureaucracy jobs).
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    as in some charities where the admin costs r high, & so only like 1 - 2% of the amount donated finds their way to the intended receivers?
  9. I agree.

    Most people can't see that in the long run it will help our economy, which is what we need. And look who put us in this position to begin with, definitly not Obama! Americans for the most part have became so selfish and so wrapped up in money it is unreal. Look around there is always someone less off than you. I guess until you have a reality check it is hard to see the positive in life. Grow up and deal with what life throws you.
  10. All of this stimulus and government jobs are really nothing more than "eating our seed corn".

    We need jobs which are revenue driven... and that takes proper POLICIES about creating productive, private sector employment... NONE of which have we seen so far. In fact, with higher taxes, greater health costs for business and greater regulation all in the works... it appears the Obama administration is doing everything in its power to DESTROY jobs in America... all while singing us a wind song.
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