why am I such a prick

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by open, Dec 7, 2007.

  1. open


    every time I came to ET I found myself fighting with people, over who knows more, over politics, even over afterlife.

    while some people here diffuse the issue and move on, I seem to want to push the issue until the other party gives up.

    same is true for my real life, I have this need to Prove to people that I am right.

    I have a friend who just sits back and laughs at bickering idiots, I try my best to emulate that but its hard

    I have this innate need to display my understanding and teach it, especially to people who don't agree or as I like to call it "people who don't understand, not agree"

    Why can't I take my money and my understanding and shut the hell up and enjoy the show.
  2. johnston


    because you're an idiot
  3. johnston


    no offense
  4. Because behind the scene you really are a loser. Being a loser you are bitter toward life itself.
    Just come out of the closit already and admit it!
  5. open


    yes I thought about that but it might not be that simple, for example, I am a successful day trader, futures no less

    now you must ask yourself, can an idiot accomplish that in 4 years without a mentor

    now this brings us into field of selective intelligence, where a person is smart for one thing but stupid for another

    but it might not be that simple either

    your quick response and simple answer tells me one thing though

    you are quite dumb :D
  6. Lilboy or rateesquad, please ban this worthless waste of space mofo.

    You know it's the right thing to do.
  7. Well, you could be great at daytrading. But you could be a loser at other aspects of life, perhaps your girlfriend (if you even have one) is banging kid next door who works at McDonalds. Maybe you're overweight and have bad body odor and you have a few friends who truly think you're a jackass but hangs around you since you have money.

    A lot of things. Money can only satisfy a small part of your life.
  8. open


    what if I admit it, will that bring you pleasure :D

    you are right about one thing though, I am bitter about life because my own government can kill me and call it terrorism

    food for thought my FOX watching friend :(
  9. jjf


    "why am I such a prick"

    You are a prick by your own omission.
    The question is.

    Were you born that way or is it an attitude that you have developed all by yourself.
  10. open


    now we are thinking, we have now entered arena of self determination OR programmed fate
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