why all the ib bashing?

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by joeyata1, May 21, 2005.

  1. i mean more people on these board use them than anyone else. that speaks for itself.people have an igenda on there and attack them day in day out. i've been with them 3 years and there fills have been great. i don 't rely on them for quotes as i have signal but as far as fills never a problem. here stock rates are way to high and must be lowered but overall a great firm
  2. jem


    I agree. They have been very stable for a long time for me with good fills and excellent market access. And book trader is pretty cool too.
  3. ktm


    Most of the true bashing is from those who have issues or agendas. Anyone with a legitimate problem who is serious about getting it resolved has more than ample access to IB reps here on this site who are willing to help them, not to mention the standard chat and help desk functions. This new member (7thDim) is a good example. He seems to have exponentially more interest in continuing to post the same drivel here again and again instead of working with IB to actually resolve the problem.
  4. I have been with IB for over 5 years with NO problems whatsoever.

    That 7thdim fellow is a real whiner, he should take his issues up with IB directly, especially since he is foreign (offshore account) and playing with nickels and dimes (under 5k). There are different rules for offshore accounts.

    His claims of taking that 5k and turning into millions within months are also a total laugh!! What a BS artist!
  5. Trajan


    My main complaint is that their software is unstable as a lot of apps written in Java are. I can't keep the options window open for than a few minutes without it getting f***ed up. Of course, I can't just close it and open up a new one. I have to close the entire software. With the current version, I have restart my computer as it won't let me relogin without doing so. Also, the pricing isn't great for options unless you just use smart routing. This typically results in mediocre fills unless it is a market order. If I'm bidding or offering something, I have to pay an extra buck to send it to the most active exchange.

    I've been meaning to leave for the last year, I finally am as soon as I pass the Series 7. Although, I will probably keep it open and use as a backup. I would still recommend them, they just don't suit my trading. And that's the point, they can't be all things to all people. Some people are better off going elsewhere, I am.
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    I have had a problem with the OptionsTrader window on a matrox video card. What video card are you using? i switched to an ATI 9000 and it is a lot better.
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    I use an Ati aiw 8500dv. That's interesting that it makes a difference. I should say that I've had problems on my laptop too. My desktop isn't a model of stability, I may get a new vid card anyways for other problems. I hesitate because my computer monitor is my only t.v. so I would have to get another AIW or an add on card. That may just lead to the same problem.