why ain't no margin column in TWS?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by NoMoreOptions, Apr 7, 2004.

  1. I am tired of seeing people asking margin questions. It is so complicated. Why TWS just display a break-down margin on each position by adding a column in the sheets?

    But always remember, don't trust margin numbers displayed in TWS. If markets move big time, it is very likely that the IB margins will just blow up. You positions liquidated in the worse case possible. This is especially true for options, when the underlying markets are available but options not. It can also be caused by trades far out of bid/ask.
  2. At least for SPAN margin style this is impossible for obvious reasons.

    Yes, this is always a good idea ...
  3. Why obviously impossible? Why can there be some margin rules on the papers and computed in summation, but impossible to be implemented in programs and computed broken into each positions?

    Good ideas usually can be done.

    Please explain in details. Thank you.

  4. pspr


    Just right click on your order before transmitting and click on "check margin". Or read the TWS user guide, you might learn something.
  5. But how do you check the margins of many positions and orders at a glance? How do you stop dummies running around on ET and asking questions about IB and options margin, which we all know just jokes.

  6. Zmey


    These margins are calculated for the overall portfolio. It is impossible to break these margins into each position by definition. Please, read a bit about risk margining before you ask questions. Dummy trader is totally incapable to understand all the rules involved. Experienced trader can try to do it but it is not an easy walk.
  7. Turok


    >Why TWS just display a break-down margin on each
    >position by adding a column in the sheets?

    >But always remember, don't trust margin numbers
    >displayed in TWS.

    Ahhhh yes...this is a classic ---

    Ask for a feature and then IMMEDIATELY say that even if the feature was to be implemented as asked, it cannot be trusted.