Why A US Consumption Tax....WILL Happen....

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  1. Spot on, just a metter of time.

    "In 2009, roughly 47% of households, or 71 million, will not owe any federal income tax"

    47% of the households have no skin in the game.

    Why gripe about the undocumented workers avoiding taxes and obtaining free education yada yada, US citizens don't pay either.
  2. Shhh..that 47% is the Dems voting base!:D
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    Instead of physical therapy give the old folks the pain pill. WTF, they're gonna die anyway.
  4. Bob111


    give me an example, how you pay zero taxes,while making 100K a year.

    Thank you!
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    Breed like mice.

  6. Bob111


    and buy big ass house with big ass mortgage interest..i see..i just run taxcut soft with such settings-you are right :p
  7. Consumption tax will never happen unless they can figure out a way for democrats to not have to pay it.
  8. They pay a lot in federal taxes. But mostly indirectly. Many drive, so they pay gas taxes. Same with food and cigarettes, and many other items. Fed and state taxes are always cost shifted down to the consumer.

    I would guess that ultimately they pay a higher amount in taxes in proportion to their income. Most do not have a surplus (401K, home equity, etc...)

    If their lives are so great, and if they are truly the useless eaters you think they are - why don't you give up what your doing and wash dishes at the local Red Lobster?
  9. Oh, it'll happen alright. The real question is whether it happens instead of the normal taxation or in addition to all other taxes. My guess is the latter.
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