Why a brokered convention is bad news for Obama

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  1. I am starting to believe that Mittens is not going to be able to lock this thing down. He cannot seem to shake Santorum, which says so very much about the state the GOP base.

    But, the mainline GOP might broker this convention. Most of my friends seem to feel that as long as Christie says off the field, it's all good.

    But after I read the rules of a brokered convention, the GOP might walk away with someone other any of these guys running now.

    They might draft Christie, or Pawlenty......or worse Christie AND Pawlenty. That ticket would be trouble unless the economy is in maximum overdrive by that point.

    Christie can match Obama on the debate stage, and both he and Pawlenty are moderates with conservative street cred.

    Neither party is in the center, but right now the GOP is outta sight far right. The mainline GOP knows this is not a winner in a general. Do you think they will pick another ticket at the convention?
  2. I was thinking about that too and that would in fact be bad for Obama imo :(
  3. I doubt it.I believe the convention is in Aug leaving only 3 months to raise the money needed for a general election.Any skeletons found would have a major effect being so close to the election so maybe it wouldn't be as bad for Obama as I thought
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    The GOP mainstream knows Obama will probably get reelected which is why the serious candidates didn't run this year. In a brokered convention, delusional losers Palin and Perry will throw enough monkey wrenches to screw up any plans to recruit one of the serious contenders from 2016.

    The GOP train wreck of 2012 can't be stopped. :cool:
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    Despite you claiming/stating/predicting about a hundred times that Romney IS a lock?

    That's the problem with predicting the unpredictable.
    You just end up looking foolish.
  6. No, foolish, is not recognizing when to adapt to new information. You have a lock on that one Lucrum:D

    We already talked about this, I know that you're not the sharpest knife, but do try to comprehend this.
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  8. I stated early on that Christie would certainly help the GOP. Heard him on Imus this morning, and he is still staying away from 2012. Sounds more like a 2016 plan, sort of a 'duh' - but it does make more sense for him to wait.

    Intrade still shows 78% or so for Mr. Mitt, a bit high as we look at the polls.

    Adelson says he's putting more money behind Newt, and is starting to talk to the press as well. Compares himself to Soros on the left. Some validity to that I guess.

  9. Newt is really just a lot of entertainment. No one except him thinks he has any kind of shot. Honestly, I think if Mitt stumbles and he won't have enuf votes to secure a delegate lock, it could get real interesting.

    I also agree about Christie in 2016.
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