Why 50 states?

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Should some states merge to diversify their economies and other benefits of scale?

  1. Yes. The fact that there are fifty states is not logical.

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  2. No. There is a logical reason for the division.

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  3. I don't know.

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  4. I don't care.

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  1. nitro


    It seems to me that larger states have more chance of dealing with bad economies because they are more diversified. Why not 1/2 the number of states? California and Texas would stay independent states, and perhaps other large states. But I don't understand why there are fifty of them.

  2. It mainly comes down to the issue of public sector graft and their unbelievably outsized pensions.
  3. First the founders of this nation were freemasons. That is for another thread.

    Secondly, it would exacerbate the problem we already have with the electoral college. For example, if a candidate wins California, s/he wipes the opinions of the entire Pacific and Mountain West. If a candidate wins Texas and Florida, they win the South. If a Candidate wins Illinois and Missouri, they win the midwest. If a candidate wins Ohio and Pennsylvania, they win the rust belt. If a candidate wins New York and New Jersey, they win the Northeast.

    So making states bigger makes this worse, not better. I read somewhere that a candidate can win nine states out of fifty and they will be President. Do you see the flaw in this?
  4. It seems to me that larger countries have more chance of dealing with bad economies because they are more diversified. Why not 1/2 the number of countries? India and China would stay independent states...
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  6. Texas would stay independent states,

    That is the idea many Texans have. I am not a native but I am a damn Yankee, meaning I'm not returning to the East Coast, you guys can have the East Coast and Chicago.

    However, Texas does have a little chain around her from the FED. There are many upon many military bases as well as NSA headquarters and Homeland Nazi Defense Headquarters down here.

    There is a lot of FED money flowing in for Boarder research and IT/Cyber Security Research.

    Texas can be independent if needed but there is still one hand cuffed to the FED GOV.

    Nevertheless, FORBES just listed the top 10 booming cities, Texas had 4 cities in there.

    I'm having a blast and my cost of living is nothing. I live in a loft that would easily be worth a Million out east, and I live one block away from the River Walk. I paid next to nothing for it. I just purchased a Loft in Austin, Down Town.....where i head up on the weekends to work on music. It's not big, 770 sq feet but it's in the Heart Of AUSTIN and it was cheap compared to Chicago and NY.

    I say to anyone who works for themselves, bring your ass down to Texas, incorporate in TEXAS and read the doom and gloom reports of the rest of the country for information only. Because, this is the place to ride out the 20 year storm.

    All you successful ET Traders, your fucking crazy for not moving to Austin, SA, or DALLAS, even Houston...setting up shop and living like a King. If your making good money, Texas is paradise.