Whose Traded with Capital Traders Group?

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  1. Experiences... Opinions.....
  2. I've traded with them in the past. I can't comment in training programs but they have low minimums and sick rates. They never messed around with payouts (at least not mine) The customer service was the best hands down. they've had some other really good reviews on here if you look through the posts mostly for having good support.

    P.s. I have no afilliation with the group any longer but have nothing but nice things to say about using them as a prop broker.
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  3. My senses lol feel a link between cap traders group and WTS.
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    It's a sub of WTS
  6. wait, are you confusing capital traders group and capital trading group?
  7. capital traders group = ny prop firm equities and options
    capital trading group = chicago based futures prop

  8. Looks like CTG in NYC shares the same office as WTS.

    I checked it out once and encountered a weird unique problem.

    The main door of their office has a door handle made out of some metal. Almost every time I touched it, it sparked and I got a nice electric jolt.

    Never had this problem before with an office door.

    I figured I can't deal with being tasered everyday so I didn't sign up. I think I made the right decision.

    Plus, the main door is always closed and has no glass. So, you can't see if there is someone at the opposite side of the door. So, when you are at the door and try to open it but if the person on the other side of the door opens it first, fast, and hard, you could get slammed in the face with the door. Not a good way to start your day. Offices with thick glass doors are better. Offices with their trading floor doors open are good, also. In fact most prop firm that I have seen have/do either of the aforementioned.
  9. Capital Traders Group... Thanks for the responses.
  10. Wait a sub LLC. that requires a U4 and a Series 56? How is that possible?
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