Whose LOVING July so far?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by 99atlantic, Jul 21, 2006.

  1. I was kind of worried about going into July because our June profits were 'meh', but so far my fund's netted almost 12% return .

    Gotta love that....time to start asking for a bigger mgmt % ^_^

    Although it's weird because our hedge is somehow fvcked up and I can't figure it out - in the last 3weeks, both our long AND short positions in it were all profitable (versus our pure shorts being super profitable and pure longs pretty much just breaking even today)

    Go go fvcked up hedge power
    :confused: :confused:
  2. don't worry, if you can't understand your temporary outperformance it's probably just a matter of time before mean reversion kicks in and you feel normal again :)
  3. I know ^_^

    It's weird because I've spent the last few hours going over all our positions to make certain there were no calculation errors, and there weren't. Somehow our hedge shorted everything that dropped hard, and just happened to long everything that recovered a bit, despite overall market conditions.

    I just figured I'd post about it since it's not everyday you see a hedge bet itself out, hehe
  4. I'm loving July.

    For focusing on trading 10% of my time, my net profit this month far exceeds my expectations.

    1.2695 (short @1.2534)
  5. gold is so tempting and seems so strong even in light of this retractment... it is non-correlating to the rest of the market well, imo...
  6. I'm not a day trader, but so far this year is shaping up very well.

    I've been short bsx,adct,and arg since the last week of April. Arg worries me a little since they report next week, but bsx and adct have been great. They didn't even go up on the 200pt up day this past week.

    I'm short TIE at 30.30
    I was short SIRI @4.68 but closed that position today and went long at 3.87 today. (this is going to be a long term hold)

    I am 60% in cash in my 401 where I can only trade mutual funds. I went to cash 15% per month starting in late January. I am 85% cash in my brokerage accounts.

    I'm ready for whatever the market wants to dish out.
  7. how have daytraders fared? anyone? anyone?